How to Display a Colored Random Posts Blog Widget

This time CB shares how to create a colorful/multicolor Random Post, like the one CB installed in the sidebar widget.

In the previous post about how to create, show or display Random Posts widget on blog, CB shares tips on installing “regular” Random Posts, without color.

This interesting Random Post display model CB found at NetOops Blog. Mentioned, multicolor random posts will attract the attention of visitors / readers to linger on our blog, increase internal links, also increase traffic.

Random Posts function is the same as other blog internal link functions, namely as navigation and internal links to make it easier for visitors to explore our blog content. The navigation and internal links are also recommended by Google, so that our blog is user friendly.

The list of posts in Random Post will appear automatically and alternately, displaying old posts, every time it is “refreshed” or when a visitor opens a new post link.

How to Display a Colored Random Posts Blog Widget

How to Display a Colored Random Posts Blog Widget like the one CB puts in the sidebar is very easy.

1. Click “Layout”

2. Click “Ad Gadget” > select “Javascript/HTM”

3. Copy + Paste the following code in the code box provided:

Random Posts Widgets

4. Save!

Congratulations, you have displayed colorful Random Posts in the blog sidebar that can attract the attention of your blog visitors!