How to Create Two Adsense Columns Below Blog Posts

TIME This CB will share about how to create two adsense columns (ads columns) in the bottom of a blog post. CB itself only uses one column for Google Adsense and another column for Related Posts and link buttons to social media accounts, as shown at the end of this post.

We can also install these two ad columns or adsense columns just below the post title — before the first paragraph of the article.

How to make two adsense columns under a blog post or under a post title is very easy, in just one step, namely by adding a column code. Thanks to Help Me Blogging for this great code.

1. In the Blog Dashboard, click menu Templates
2. Click Edit HTML.
3. Search or find (CTRL+F) code

4. Copy + Paste the following code under the code.




  1. If your template has more than one code, paste the code under the code that second. If that fails, try a third. CB itself put the code after the code “AddThis” (Social Share).
  2. The two columns can also placed under the title post. How, copy + paste the code on the
  3. Before being installed in these two fields, your ad’s HTML code must be parsed first in Parse Blogcrowds.
  4. You can use these two fields for anything, provided the code must be parsed first. You can also fill in the image by inserting an image link there, like < /a>
  5. Of course, don’t forget Save Template and… Good luck!