How to Create Articles on Blogs With ScrollRelated articles are blog posts related to posts that are being read or visited, related articles which are also commonly known as related posts for the widest language in the world. There are so many types and models of related articles for blogs, ranging from articles related to thumbnails (images/photos) to related articles with only the title.

How to Create Related Articles on Blogs With Scroll
How to Create Related Articles on Blogs With Scroll


The arrow <= pink color is the title of the related article.
Arrow => blue color is Scroll.
The red box is Label/Category.
The yellow box is a list of related articles based on each label/category.

How to make related articles with scroll function under blog posts

  1. Please friends directly >> Login/Login to >>
  2. On the Dashboard, select Menu >> Templates >> Edit HTML
  3. Search code ]]> (Use CTRL+F to make searching easier)
  4. Once found, enter the following code just above the code ]]>

    .rbbox{border:1px solid rgb(192,192,192);padding:5px;background-color:#f0f0f0;-moz-border-radius:5px;margin:5px}.rbbox:hover{background-color:rgb(255,255,255)}

  1. Still in Edit HTML, search code (Use CTRL+F to speed up the search)
  2. Enter all the following codes right below the code

    Related article:

    height:200px;overflow:auto;border:1px solid #ccc;”>

    Notes: If on your blog you use Readmore, code there is more than one. Then put all the code above under the code very last.

  1. The last step click >> save and see the results in each blog post there will be a related article below it.


  • Related article: Is the title, my friend can replace it with the title Related Post, Related Article or also related posts.
  • height:200px Is the height of the scroll box, please change the value according to your wishes.
  • maxNumberOfPostsPerLabel = 10 Is the number of a list of related articles based on the label/category that will be displayed, please change the value according to your wishes.
  • maxNumberOfLabels = 3 Is the number of labels/categories for which a list of related articles will be displayed.

That’s a light tutorial about the world of bloggers that reviews tricks How to make articles on blogs with scroll function, hopefully it can be useful for all of you.

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