How to Change Blog Name Without Losing Traffic

Redirect Old Blog to New Blog Without Losing Traffic

CB once shared about how to choose a good blog name for seo. If you want to change the name of your blog, but don’t want to lose traffic or loyal visitors, then don’t worry.

There is a way to change the blog name without losing traffic.

It is important to change the blog name if your current blog name is difficult to remember, is too long, or is not relevant to keywords. (Read: How to Choose a Good Blog Name)

For example, the name and address of the old blog is Then, we change it to

The risk of changing the blog name is that we start from zero again. Google will re-index, and it might take a long time.

So, what is the best way to change the blog name?

The best way is create a new blog, but the content exactly the same as the old blog. Well, that old blog is us REDIRECT to the new blog. That way, the blog will not lose traffic and the name of our blog will be better.


  1. Click “Settings” > “Other”
  2. Click the “Export Blog” menu (a XML file will be downloaded which will be imported into the new blog).
  3. If necessary, also download the template (if you will use the same template): “Template” > “Backup/Restore” > “Donload Full Template” (a XML template file will be downloaded which will be installed on the new blog)
  4. Click “Template” > “Edit HTML”
  5. Copy the following code under the code

Don’t forget to change the name of the colored text Red with old blog name and new blog name You.

If only want just redirect blog address, without redirecting the post link (permalink), for example because the post date and permalink are changed, then use the following code:



  1. If you haven’t created a new blog with a new name, then… make it first! 🙂
  2. Replace your Blog Template with the old blog template that was downloaded in STAGE 1. Those who don’t know how to change the template, please read on How to Change Blog Template.
  3. After changing the template, click “Settings” > “Other”
  4. Click the “Import Blog” menu and enter the exported file in STAGE 1 with the extension .xml.
  5. Finished!

Congratulations, now your blog has a new name and address!!! The fun thing is, the old blog is still there, don’t delete it, just leave it…. Try opening your old blog, it must now be redirected to the new blog address.

Again, blog traffic and blog post index on Google DOES NOT CHANGE, no effect, even your blog database on Google doubles.


That’s because on blog no. 1 has installed the redirect code to blog number two, as in STAGE 1 step no. 5. Good Luck!

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