DEVELOPMENT HISTORY OF CELL BIOLOGY Here I attach material about cell biology from essay Adnan, Makassar State University Biology, 2007

Long before Robert Hookepopularized the term cell, some Greek philosophers have expressed their views regarding the composition of the body of living things. Aristotle and Paracelsius have suggested that the bodies of all animals and plants are composed of simple elements. These simple elements together form a macroscopic structure living things (De Robertis et al., 1979). Later, these simple elements became known as cells (from the Greek, namely Cella or Cellula which means room or restroom).

History of the Development of Cell Biology

A cell can act as an organism known as a unicellular organism or a single-celled organism, for example various types of protozoa. Cells can be arranged in groups and differentiate into various types of tissues and form organs. Furthermore, several organs form an organ system and in the end several organ systems, together form an organism. The organisms formed are called multicellular organisms.

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