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That said, historical tourism is synonymous with boring activities. However, for history buffs, history tours are not just a pleasure and a trip to historical places, but also to learn about history itself.

After all, which place or thing doesn’t have a story behind it. Everything that has happened in the past has become a part of history. Some have even held an exhibition of junk goods. One of the exhibits is an anchor from the VOC era.

In the past, exhibited items were considered trash. But now, each of these objects has a story and historical value.

Well, if this weekend you don’t have a vacation agenda, undo your intentions and do a historical tour. Luckily if you live in big cities in Indonesia, there are usually many museums that you can visit.

What if you don’t live in a city with lots of museums? Don’t worry, Indonesia is rich in culture that has been passed down from generation to generation and has a thick history. Here are tips for designing a fun historical tour.

Tracing the footsteps of historical figures

Every region in Indonesia has historical figures or even national heroes. Try to trace the trail of national heroes from your area. For example, the house he had lived in until the place where he was buried.

Visiting zero kilometers in your city

Where is zero kilometers in your city? Well, find out where exactly zero kilometers are in the city where you live. You can find out through historical literature. Then visit the location.

Visiting old graves

Old graves are synonymous with creepy atmosphere. Get rid of this thought and explore the old graves. For example, at the TPU Petamburan, Jakarta, there is a mausoleum of a Chinese figure who is famous for being rich and the graves of Dutch people of Jewish descent.

In West Java there are even graves of Nazi, German soldiers. Or, in Makassar there is the tomb of Prince Diponegoro. You will find historical figures if you are smart to find out which old graves hold a piece of history related to the colonial and independence days of Indonesia.

Don’t just play in the grave. But try to ask permission from the tomb keeper. So you can hear a little story behind the graves.

Eat at a historic restaurant

Many restaurants or restaurants in Indonesia are decades old. Find the nearest old restaurant and try to chat with the restaurant owner or restaurant manager.

Taste the food that became the first menus at the restaurant or restaurant. Another way is to hunt for foods that are already scarce in the area where you live.

Stay in historic hotel

At the end of the 19th century, guesthouses and hotels began to be built along with the growth of tourism in the Dutch colonial period. Most of these hotels and inns have survived to this day.

There are also many historic hotels that were established in the era of Indonesian independence and during the transition from the old order to the new order. There are also new hotels but occupy historical buildings.

Well, you just have to choose which historic hotel is closest to where you live. Could have looked outside the city. But it’s best to find the closest hotel, because your goal is only to stay one night in a historic building.

Another way is to look for historic rooms in a hotel, for example, if you have stayed in a historical figure such as a hero or it could be that a famous celebrity has stayed at that place. If the hotels in your city are relatively new, just find out which hotel was the first to be established in the city.

Don’t just stay overnight, find out the history from the hotel and historical literature. Then explore the passages mentioned in the historical literature.

Activities in the museum according to your interests

The museum actually has certain themes. For example, military themed museums, cultural museums, art museums, to flora and fauna museums. You just choose according to your interest.

If you are a fan of military stuff, just look for the nearest military museum. If nothing suits your interests in the city you live in, let’s take a cross-town trip in search of the museum you want to visit.

Source: Compass Travel