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Moms, don’t just bring chips, cookies or packaged meat sandwiches. Sometimes, processed foods contain preservatives, added salt and sugar and other ingredients that are not good for health.

Instead of sacrificing your health and that of your family, try to pack yourself a healthy snack from home. You can bring drinks in the form of mineral water or green tea which are much fresher and healthier. In addition, bring the food that we have summarized in the following version of the Americanki site, ok…

Healthy snack bar

Usually this rectangular bar-shaped snack contains fewer calories or even 0 calories. You don’t have to worry about gaining weight while consuming it. Besides being available with a mix of fruit flavors, this healthy snack will make your stomach feel full so you don’t overeat.


Hot beach air, will soon be cooled by this one fresh snack. Yup, pineapples are full of vitamin C and natural sugars, as well as high fiber. This fruit will give you additional energy to do various fun activities and games on the beach. Before going to the beach, prepare the pineapple pieces in a plastic bag for easy storage or carrying in a bag.


Hmm … seeing this tiny red fruit will make anyone tempted to taste the taste. Strawberries are low in sugar content for a healthy snack for diabetics. Not only store a variety of vitamins, strawberries are also packed with high antioxidants, and fiber.

Enjoy a variety of healthy snacks above so that your vacation to the beach will be more enjoyable. Let’s go to the beach…

Source: Molto