Good Bye, Backlinks!

ERA backlink hunting coming to an end! Comment “mode” to get backlinks will soon disappear.

The reason is, Google is reportedly considering a new algorithm called Knowledge-Based Trust (KBT), which is the basis for ranking websites based on the accuracy of information.accuracy of information).

As in the case of “meta keywords” (keywords). Because many webmasters or bloggers are “cheating” in entering keywords (stuffing), then Google has ignored meta keywords for a long time.

Ignored backlinks that’s the case too. Many webmasters/bloggers are more diligent in hunting for backlinks, even with spam comments, rather than improving the quality of blog content. As a result, many low-quality blogs are in the top positions of the Google index, “simply” because of a lot of backlinks (inbound links).

Well, backlink hunters with various comment modes, immediately “repent” by writing quality comments, connecting with post topics, providing additional information, and improving the quality of blog content more accurately, completely, and usefully.

Google has started to ignore the number of backlinks. Google is constantly improving its algorithms with a focus on content quality.

In the past, there were many low-quality blogs or sites, even copy-pasting a lot of content, as long as there were lots of backlinks, they could occupy the number one position in Google’s SERP. Now, not anymore!

Since the Google Panda algorithm was launched, the number of backlinks is no longer a determinant of being able to occupy the first page of Google and other search engines.

Now, Google, Yahoo, Bing, pay more attention to the quality of posts and OnPage SEO.

In fact, if a blog has a lot of backlinks, but the content is of low quality, then it’s likely that the blog was hacked.banned Google is huge. The reason is, the blog will be considered a “spammer” site, a man who spreads links to other blogs!


Now is not the time to hunt backlinks, look for dofollow sites! Now is the era to improve the quality of writing, posts, content, or blog content with quality, fresh, original, complete, and useful posts.

Information Accuracy

PageRank (PR) is dead, expired. Now backlinks suffer the same fate, although Google announced “not yet official”.

no more backlinks

The “rumor” that was about to change its status to “fact” was sourced from a document entitled “Knowledge-Based Trust: Estimating the Trustworthiness of Web Sources”.

According to the document, Google in the future will pay more attention to the accuracy of the information than the backlink database! (Google in future will give more value to accuracy of information more than your backlinks data base). Thanks to All Blog Things who have shared this important information.

Beware of Dofollow Blogs!

“Mode” comments spammy –like “nice info”, “this is what I was looking for”, “great post”, “thank you for the info bro” etc.– Google has started to treat it as spam activity (spam activity).

Backlik position will be replaced by Knowledge-Based Trust (KBT) which has been known as “Quality Content” (Quality Content), both the contents of the blog and fill in the comments on another blog.

Also avoid, or rather be aware of sites or websites dofollow blog! Dofollow sites can be a “trap” that plunges!

The reason is “simple”: dofollow blogs will definitely contain a lot of “original comments” plus active links (active link) or live link (live link) of the hunters backlinks which resulted in the site “overdose of comments and links”. If this is the case, then the dofollow blog will be “hosted” by Google. So, beware…!!! Let’s focus on the content! (*

If you are still “in doubt” about the end of the backlinking era, please see: