Gokil Stories on Sundays

This is a piece of writing that is guaranteed to be funny. If it’s not funny, I’m ready to be decided by Raisa.

On a cool Sunday, Jabon and Zuck filled their vacation with fishing. But very bad luck for them. It’s been more than eight hours but still nothing.

Jabon: “Monkey! It’s really bad, no one wants to sniff my bait!”

Zuck: “Not a monkey, Bon. But a fish!”

Jabon: “The fish are like monkeys, they don’t want to eat my bait! I’m afraid they will eat my friends!”

Zuck: “Just be patient. Let’s just say that we are no longer fishing, but bathing worms!”

Jabon: “Ah, whatever you say!”

Zuck smiled meaninglessly.

Jabon: “Oia, Zuck! Rather than being bored, I have this very funny and exciting story. Do you want to hear it?”

Zuck: “You really want to. It’s free, right?”

Jabon: “It’s free. Guaranteed! But when I tell you the story, you have to follow the words behind it, right?”

Zuck: “Okay! Can, can…”

And Jabon began to tell stories.

Jabon: “One sunny day I went fishing.”

Zuck: “Fishing…”

Jabon: “I’m fishing in a lake.”

Zuck: “Danauuu….”

Jabon: “The lake is at the edge of the forest.”

Zuck: “Hutaaan….”

Jabon: “But then suddenly my stomach hurts.”

Zuck: “Mulees…”

Jabon: “I immediately rushed to the bushes.”

Zuck: “Belukaaar…”

Jabon: “And there I defecated.”

Zuck: “Great….”

Jabon: “Long story short, the next day I go fishing again.”

Zuck: “Again….”

Jabon: “I casually glanced at the bushes where I defecated yesterday.”

Zuck: “Come here….”

Jabon: “Damn it! Tai I’m gone.”

Zuck: “Aaaah…”

Jabon: “I’m surprised and in my heart I wonder.”

Zuck: “Tanyaa…”

Jabon: “Who the hell is eating my tai?”

Zuck: “Guee… Eh. Ughh…” *chokes the rod*


Ha ha ha. How funny isn’t it. Well… Don’t think it’s funny.