Healthy greetings to all of you. This time I Jahet Bungas want to inform you about the world of tourism in Lombok. You must have heard what Gili is. But not many have seen it in real life. Gili is a small island where most people go on vacation, although not all of them are used as tourist attractions.

Gilis in Indonesia are very many, including those in Lombok. Lombok is the name of an island located in the NTB (West Nusa Tenggara) area which is surrounded by a small island or called Gili. There are several Gilis on the island of Lombok which are visited by many foreign and domestic tourists.

What are the famous Gili names in Lombok?

  1. Gili Terawangan

There are several reasons why you should visit this place:

  • The underwater world is very beautiful

There is no doubt, Gili Trawangan in Lombok does have a very beautiful underwater world. The sea water on this island is so clear. Because the water is so clear, you can also see fish and coral reefs directly from a sailing ship, without having to dive.
But if you want to enjoy the underwater world more maximally, try diving. Never miss the opportunity to meet nemo fish aka clown fish that swim nimbly. Not only nemo, you can also find coral reefs of various colors there. Calm ocean currents add to the enjoyment of diving on Gili Trawangan. In conclusion, the underwater nature of Gili Trawangan is indeed extraordinary.
Gili Trawangan has beaches facing west and east. The distance between the beaches is not too far. Just walk or take a cidomo, traveler can enjoy sunset and sunrise on one island.
Take out your camera, and capture every moment on Gili Trawangan. While sitting relaxed on the beach and accompanied by singing music, also a breeze, the Gili Trawangan sunset feels so romantic. Make sure you enjoy it with relatives or partner.

  • Nice and friendly people

In addition to its clean underwater nature, one of the attractions of Gili Trawangan is the friendly people. If you don’t believe it, try to walk around Gili Trawangan on foot, you will be greeted warmly by every resident who happens to pass. You also don’t need to be afraid of getting lost, because the locals will definitely help you find your way home.

2. Gili Condo

Gili Kondo is widely known by the public. The local government of East Lombok itself has also now been aggressively promoting. even though it is located quite far from the city center, both from the city in the district, namely Selong, the capital city of NTB, namely Mataram and the airport which is far away. But it does not make tourists lazy to go to this dyke.

Gili Kondo is an island located in the Alas Strait. The strait that separates the island of Lombok from the island of Sumbawa. You can clearly see Mount Rinjani from Gili Kondo. While the island of Sumbawa also looks close from Gili Kondo.

Gili Kondo provides beautiful panoramic views of the beach, clear water and beautiful corals. However, if you visit this beach, it is advisable to bring food and drinks. because there is only one cafe which is managed by a tourist bureau whose food menu is very limited and of course expensive too.

In this place you can be satisfied swimming, diving, and playing on the white sand accompanied by the roar of the waves, clear sea water, and the blue sky is so enchanting. If you are interested, please visit Lombok to enjoy the many Gilis it has. Let’s go to Lombok Sumbawa. By +Flower Zahid