Barong Dance is a Balinese dance originating from the pre-Hindu cultural treasures. This dance depicts the battle between virtue (dharma) and falsehood (adharma). The form of virtue is played by Barong, a dancer wearing a four-legged animal costume, while Rangda is a sinister figure with two pointed fangs in his mouth.

There are several types of Barong Dance that are usually performed on the island of Bali, including Barong Ket, Barong Bangkal (pig), Barong Macan, Barong Landung. However, among these types of Barong, the most frequent tourist treat is Barong Ket, or Barong Keket which has quite complete costumes and dances.

Barong Ket costumes generally depict a combination of a lion, tiger, and ox. The body is decorated with ornaments of leather, pieces of mirror glass, and is also equipped with feathers from pandan leaf fibers. This barong is played by two dancers (juru saluk/juru bapang): one dancer takes a position in front playing the movements of the head and front legs of the Barong, while the second dancer is behind playing the hind legs and tail of the Barong.

At first glance, Barong Ket is not much different from the Barongsai usually performed by Chinese people. However, the story played in this show is different, namely the story of the fight between Barong and Rangda which is complemented by other characters, such as Kera (Barong’s best friend), Dewi Kunti, Sadewa (son of Dewi Kunti), and Rangda’s followers.

Types of Barong Dance

Barong Ket (Keket)

Barong Keket (

Barong Ket or Barong Keket is the most common Barong dance in Bali and is most often performed and has a complete repertoire of dance moves. From its form, Barong Ket is a combination of a lion, tiger, cow or boma. Barong’s body is decorated with carvings made of leather, affixed to glittering mirror glass and its feathers are made of perasok (fiber from the leaves of a type of plant similar to pandanus), palm fiber or some of the feathers of a crow.

Barong Bangkal

Bangkal means a big old pig, therefore this Barong resembles a Bangkal or Bangkal, this Barong is also known as Barong Boar or Barong Bangkung. Generally staged by walking around the village (ngelelawang) by two dancers on certain days that are considered sacred or when a disease outbreak strikes the village without bringing a play and accompanied by gamelan batel / tetamburan

Barong Landung

Barong Landung (

Barong Landung is a form of Susuhunan in the form of a human, reaching 3 meters high. Barong Landung is not the same as barong ket which has been commercialized. Barong Landung is more sacred and is believed to have strength as a protector and giver of people’s welfare. Barong Landung is often found around South Bali, such as Badung, Denpasar, Gianyar, Tabanan.

Barong Tiger

As the name implies, this Barong resembles a tiger and is a type of barong that is famous among Balinese people. Performed by going around the village and sometimes equipped with a dance drama such as Arja and accompanied by gamelan batel.


Rangda is the queen of the leaks in Balinese mythology. This scary creature is said to often kidnap and eat small children and lead an army of evil witches against Barong, which is a symbol of good power.

Source: Our History