Tonight is the first night of the newlywed couple Zuck and Linn. After 14 years of knowing each other, and at the urging of the wider community, they finally wanted to get married too. The Ijab Kabul ceremony, which was held after Isha, just finished a few minutes ago.

Cute Bride

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And now the two of them were in the dimly lit bridal chamber, smelling fragrant with the scent of baigon that Linn had just sprayed to repel mosquitoes. Meanwhile outside the room, the faint sound of mixed music could be heard, combined with the deafening roars of motorbikes. Indeed, at the wedding that night, to entertain the invited guests, the Linn family considered Ndoro Bei’s interference and also considered the Road Race, aka motorcycle racing. Exciting.

And Zuck and Linn, although they had been together many times, but since this was the first time they had been put in one room, the nervousness in them was still evident. So to kill the tension Zuck pretended to be busy drawing something on the paper, while Linn was pretentiously enjoying the sweet honey that was being tasted in his mouth. That’s how they honeymoon. Zuck drew the moon, while Linn sucked the honey.

“I still can’t believe it, honey, my mom and dad wanted to come to our wedding reception,” Zuck opened the conversation.

“Yes, Mas. In fact, when Mas’s mother’s father married, we didn’t come, did we?”

“Ehem…” Zuck nodded and smiled.

Linn also smiled. He himself also still doesn’t really believe it, now there are people other than himself who are free to be in his room, moreover that person is male. Remembering that his parents used to be said to be very strict in monitoring Linn’s association with men.

Linn always remembered how her mother had advised her when she was a teenager.

“You are beautiful, Linn. And beautiful people are latent danger. You are prone to being seduced by men! If there is a bachelor dating you, you should never want to sleep with him. Never!”

“You can’t sleep with bachelors, does that mean if a married man is sleeping, it’s okay, Mam?”

“Stupid! Don’t embarrass your family! Watch out, if you want to be seduced by someone’s husband, especially if you sleep with a married man, Mamih will cross you off the family inheritance list! Write it down!”

“Yes, Mamih, yes,” replied Linn, nodding obediently, and she recorded her mother’s advice in her brain.

“Keep your chastity for the honor of your family. So don’t be stupid. Women are crazy nowadays. Many crocodile men are good at seducing women so they can fuck women…”

Since then Linn was very careful in his association. For the sake of not wanting to be removed from the family inheritance list, he really keeps his chastity. Even sometimes, Linn even mobilized soldiers to keep her virginity.

“Mmm.. Honey, let’s split the durian,” said Zuck, smiling awkwardly, breaking Linn’s daydream.

“Come on, Mas,” Linn answered slowly but passionately.

Then Linn hurried out of the room. Going to the bathroom maybe, cleaning something like that, Zuck thought. Half a minute later, Linn was back in the room carrying two durians and a machete. “Here, sir…”

“Not durian like that! Huh!” Zuck immediately scowled handsomely.

“So what kind of durian is it?”

“Southeast African durian! The black one,” Zuck answered simply. He’s so cute because of that.

Linn looked a little disappointed. But okay, finally he put the durian and the machete in the wardrobe. Then he looked at the watch in his hand.

“Thank God, Mas, I can’t believe we’ve been husband and wife for 15 minutes,” said Linn, smiling so sweetly.

“Yeah, well, honey, I didn’t expect it to be an oath. It’s a new feeling that I said the consent,” Zuck replied, smiling a million times sweeter. His annoyance immediately disappeared when he saw his wife’s smile which was not bitter.

Then Zuck moved closer to Linn who was still around the cupboard. Arriving in front of Linn, for a few seconds he stared at his wife’s face deeply and passionately, then slowly began to bring his face closer to Linn’s. Linn tried to back away willingly but was embarrassed, but Zuck kept on chasing, but Linn also kept trying to back away until her back hit the bedroom wall.

Seeing that Linn had no more room to retreat, Zuck slowly pushed Linn’s body against the wall. And slowly but surely his face began to approach Linn’s. Linn finally couldn’t help but close in resignation, waiting with her heart pounding and impatiently.

But, before things happened, Linn’s hand suddenly blocked Zuck’s face, which was almost close to the target.

“No! Don’t!” Linn refused, then hurriedly got out of Zuck’s presence and sat on the edge of the bed.

Zuck felt ripped from the sky high to the bottom of the well. “Why?!”

“Mas, don’t tease me like that. I almost got tricked you know,” Linn explained with a gloomy look.

“Why is that? We’re already married, aren’t we?”

“That’s why. I remember Mama’s advice, so you don’t want to be teased by someone’s husband!” grab Linn.

Zuck slapped the forehead! “Oh God. I’m your husband, honey. Not someone else’s husband?”

“But I’m also a person, Mas!”

“No, honey. You’re an angel, an angel in the sky of my heart. Let’s go to sleep…” Zuck tried to make sense, then sat down next to Linn. But Linn immediately inched away to the corner of the bed.

“No need to talk anymore. Anyway, let’s sleep together, don’t be close. I sleep on the floor, Mas sleeps on the tile. So now please Mas, get out of Linn’s room…”

“What?! This includes domestic violence, dear. You could be subject to an article!”

“I’m very stupid with the article. I have to obey Mamih’s words, never want to sleep with a man who is already married. Later I will be removed from the inheritance list…”

“But my wife is you, Sayaaaaang? You! I can sleep with you…”

Linn glared at Zuck, then shook her head. “It turns out that what Mamih said was true. Men are really good at seducing so I can sleep with women. But I’m not an idiot, Mas…

“You’re not stupid. You’re actually really smart. Come on, honey, we’ll make a grandson for Mamih…” Zuck coaxed while patting the mattress.

“I’m not flirting anymore. Get out quickly, Mas. Otherwise, I’ll kill myself by jumping out of bed!” threatening Linn started to stand on the edge of the bed getting ready to jump.

“Okay, okay. Okay! I’m out here. But don’t do silly things like that, honey,” Zuck exclaimed, starting to get scared seeing his soulmate want to kill himself.

Then Zuck immediately left the room feeling uneasy.

“Why does your servant’s household life have to be like this, Lord? Why?” Zuck asked, crying under the wet clothesline.