Haree gene seems to be very rare for humans who don’t have motorbikes. In fact, many have more than one. Understandably nowadays to be able to own a motorcycle is not something difficult. With only half a million capital, we can already bring home a new motorcycle on credit.

You don’t have to spend millions like the example above, just bringing 500,000 is enough for a down payment on a new motorcycle loan. Easy! It is natural that the population of these two-wheeled motorized vehicles is increasing every day. In fact, there are so many, sometimes when on Friday I get a Kawasaki Ninja on my sandals. Beugh!

Negative Impact of Motorcycle

Motorcycles are very useful for various purposes. Pick up your girlfriend, take your mother to the market, and various other benefits. But behind the many benefits, motorcycles actually also have many negative and detrimental sides.

Apart from adding to traffic jams and air pollution, there are other negative things as I wrote the following:

Make people lazy to walk

Even though you know yourself, walking is a light exercise but it is very good for health. But because there is a motorbike, just buying credit in front of the house rides a motorbike. Go to the mosque by motorbike. Want to fill up with gasoline on a motorbike to the gas station by motorbike. To school which is only five steps away by motorbike.

Don’t talk to people. I myself, when I just woke up, from the bedroom to the bathroom just use a motorbike. There’s a car though.

It doesn’t count the people who are killed on the streets because of motorcycle accidents. Death due to motorcycle accidents is the highest among other means of transportation.

I’ve never heard of any news of a collision involving several eagle riders, a man died because the horse he was riding suddenly went flat, or a person riding a camel plunged into a ravine because the brakes failed.

In the past, every morning our ears were treated to the sweet chirping of birds in the trees. Compare it to now, it was only in the morning that the grang greng sound of people driving motorbikes was heard!

Especially if the house is on the side of the road, the sound of the motorbike doesn’t seem to stop from morning to night. The most goiter is the same with the exhaust being blown up and then gassing on purpose. Beugh… If he was small, I would have challenged him to a duel.

So, it’s better if you build a house not on the side of the road, all in the middle of the road! Ha ha.

The emergence of theft.

Honestly, I’m actually a fan of Curanmor. They are funny, comedic group from the land of ngapak. Outpouring of Feelings and Humor Samidi Cs. Hehehe…

Okay focus. The theft I mean here is the theft of a motorcycle. Like now more rampant motorcycle robbery. Even though there have been many robbers who were caught by the residents and then roasted alive, but for some reason the other perpetrators did not want to take lessons.

It is undeniable, one of the reasons for the large number of motorbike robbers is because of the motorbike. Try not to create a motorbike first, I’m sure there will be no people who work as thieves or motorbikes, maybe they prefer to steal cars.

The formation of the Motor Genk.

Why is there a motorcycle gang? Yes because there is a motorbike! That’s the logic. If there were no motorcycles on this earth, it is guaranteed that there would not be a motorcycle gang. And what is called a motorcycle gang has a negative connotation. Disturbing the community and disturbing the peace.

For example in my city, Pekanbaru. Several years ago there was a motorcycle gang driven by Klewang. This motorbike gang has very tacky behavior and there is no good: free sex, alcohol, using drugs, sucking goat glue, stealing, snatching, malak elementary school children, destroying internet cafes, basically scary and fearless.

But as scary as motorcycle gangs are, I’m sure they’ll back off if they find a dead end alley.

Recklessness and Wild Racing.

The next negative impact of the motorbike is the emergence of speeding action, sudden braking at will, turning on the left turn signal but turning up, reckless racing on the streets. Obviously this is very disturbing and dangerous for other motorcyclists.

If there were no motorbikes, of course, such actions would not be possible, and other motorcyclists would not be anxious every time they crossed the road.

The emergence of counterfeit spare part products is also inseparable from the existence of motorcycles. If only there were no motorbikes, the fake spare parts they produce would definitely not sell!

That’s all I know about the negative impact of motorcycles. What do you readers think? If friends know the negative impact of motorbikes other than what I mentioned above, please just pour it in the comments in the comment column that has been provided. Thank you. ^^