Functions of Introduction to Legal Studies
Functions of Introduction to Legal Studies

Functions of Introduction to Legal Studies – Education is not just dealing with phenomena that appear from the outside, but also directly understanding the basic concepts and then analyzing them logically.

Legal higher education must always be directed at increasing the intelligence of human resources which is not only useful for the interests of the people individually, but also to be able to implement their knowledge for the benefit of the community. The existence of legal higher education does have a more important role than other subsystems in society.

One of the purpose of studying law is to acquire knowledge of all things and all the intricacies of the existence of law and all that surrounds it which is so vast. The nature of the science of law also has an interdisciplinary nature because it uses various other disciplines to help explain the presence of law in society.
according to John Austin, duties and objectives of studying law is to analyze the real elements of the modern legal system. Even though it is recognized that there are historical elements in it, consciously these elements often go unnoticed. Law is an order from a sovereign political power in a country.

Knowing and understanding the purpose of studying law at least instills a foundation for someone who will later be useful in exploring the wide and diverse world of law.

To ensure the quality of law higher education graduates who are not only expected to become legal intellectuals, but are also able to devote their knowledge to the good of society, according to Soerjono Soekanto (1982: 192), they must have 3 aspects as follows:

  1. Knowledge in the field of law and in other social fields
  2. Have theoretical skills, including the ability to write, discuss and research. Practical skills, including the ability to form laws and then apply them.
  3. Personality, which has the courage to state the truth and be honest.


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