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Fort Pendem Cilacap (Dutch, Kustbatterij op de Landtong te Cilacap) is located in the hamlet of Kebonjati, Cilacap village, Cilacap district, Cilacap district. When entering Cilacap City, it is easy to find the location of Fort Pendem, because it is located next to Teluk Turtle Beach.

The fort built by the Dutch between years 1861-1879 It has an original area of ​​10.5 hectares. However, it turned out that a total of 4 hectares were taken by Pertamina for the construction of one of its facilities in the area.

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According to the story, this fort was buried underground for some time, before it was finally discovered in 1986 and began to be excavated in 1987. Since then the fort has been opened for visitors and researchers who want to visit this fort.

Fort Pendem was once the defense headquarters of the Dutch army in Cilacap, Central Java, which was designed by a Dutch architect. This fort is used to withstand attacks that come from the sea along with Karang Bolong Fort, Klingker Fort, and Cepiring Fort. Fort Pendem functioned until 1942. During the war against the Japanese troops, the fort was successfully controlled by the Japanese. In 1941, the Japanese left this fort because the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed by the Allies; Thus, this fort was taken over by the Indonesian Army Banteng Loreng, Central Java Unity. In TNI control, this fort was used by freedom fighters to practice war and sea landings.

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Governor General JJ Rochussen (1845-1851) decided that the opening of the Cilacap port was not solely for trade purposes, but for the military and defense.

The establishment of this fort by the Dutch almost coincided with the emergence of Forced Cultivation proclaimed by the Governor General Johannes van den Bosch. At that time Cilacap was indeed an important port for transporting Cultivation plantation products, including from Yogyakarta and Purworejo. In its heyday, the port of Cilacap used to be a rival to the port of Semarang because South Central Java and parts of West Java always sent their produce through Cilacap. Thus the position of this fort has strategic value for the Netherlands in securing the export of plantation products which have contributed abundant funds to the Netherlands. The port of Cilacap has become deserted because land roads in the interior areas have begun to be built, both railroads and for other motorized vehicles. So that export and import goods can be sent or distributed from and to the interior of Central Java through the Semarang port (BPCB Central Java).

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The specialty of Fort Pendem is that the structure of the building consists of parts that are quite complete. Inside the fort there are several rooms consisting of 60 rest rooms, armory, tunnels, reconnaissance rooms, prison rooms, meeting rooms, ammunition rooms, medical clinic rooms, officers’ rooms, kitchens, shooting rooms, and 13 important defense places surrounded by the iron fence. Each room has a tunnel that can connect one room to another. Although the building looks simple, this fort can accommodate as many as one battalion of soldiers.

This 6.5 hectare fort is quite unique. The uniqueness is seen in the building which is buried in the ground as deep as approximately 3 meters, so that it cannot be seen from a distance. The front of the fort was surrounded by a high moat and an artificial river. In ancient times this moat served as a tower and at the same time as a protector of the fort from enemy attacks. While the artificial river as a means of transporting ships from the fort to the Nusakambangan strait.


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