But making articles that can make readers feel moved to share is not as easy as turning a tablecloth. Kudu looks for topics that have the potential to go viral. And it takes certain tips and tricks.

Usually, articles that have gone viral in cyberspace are articles that discuss the following:

Unique Things

When there is an incident ‘A Dog Bites a Man’, it is just an ordinary news, market and not necessarily people want to read it. Because I’m used to biting humans. But try the news ‘A Man Bites a Dog’, this is just unusual, surprising and surely many people are curious to read it. Then after reading, there will be a desire to share so that his friends also know about this unusual incident. That’s an example of unique things.

If there are beautiful women who become flight attendants, secretaries, SPGs and models, it’s very common. But if a beautiful woman wants to be a tire patcher, wants to be a traveling gethuk seller, wants to be a grave digger, wants to be Arizuna Zukirama’s wife, that’s just extraordinary, unique and will arise the thought “Why do you want it?”, “How can that be anyway?”, “That’s all.”

Unique things like that have been proven to be viral in cyberspace. Do you still remember the excitement of the beautiful-looking tire repairman from Malang? Or are you a gethuk seller in Jakarta? There is also Bripda Nina Octavia, a beautiful sniper from the Aceh Regional Police. The uniqueness of the profession of these beautiful women had spread and became a trending topic in cyberspace. And blogs or online news sites that discuss them are certainly flooded with visitors.

Well, if there are unique things around where your friends live, don’t waste that opportunity. For example, there is a handsome boy who deserves to be a model or an advertisement star, instead he prefers to work in the fields wallowing in mud, ndaud, tandur, matun and so on. Immediately do the coverage and load it on the blog. Don’t forget to include photos of him busy working in the fields. Most likely the article could go viral. Or if you don’t have friends in your area, please just come to my rice field, I’m ready to be interviewed. #NS

Examples of other unique things:
1. Only 5 Years Old, This Child Has Hafidz Qur’an
2. In my village, there is a back and forth race
3. This woman has 4 husbands and lives in one house

Weird Things

Almost the same as the unique thing above. But it’s different if a unique thing is something unusual because of desire. While strange, is something unusual due to fate. Sorry, this is the understanding in my language.

Strange things that people never thought existed in this world, have great potential to become viral in cyberspace. For example:

1. A Goat Gives Birth to a Child with a Human-Like Face
2. In Sukaramai Village, A Grandfather Can Lay Eggs and Incubate The Eggs Until They Hatch
3. So sweet! There Are Clouds Forming Lafadz I Love U in the Sky

Well, if you find strange and unusual things around you, immediately write them on the blog before other media catches up. Of course, accompanied by photos, so that readers know that the strange things you write are not hoax stories.

Very Inspirational Story

Truly inspiring stories can also go viral in cyberspace. But the inspiration must be very inspiring. If it’s just inspirational, there are tons of stories like that circulating on the internet. For example, there is a pedicab driver who can teach their children to graduate from S1, that is an example of an inspirational story.

But if there is a pedicab driver who manages to send his child to college until he graduates S1, and his child graduates with a coumloude predicate and manages to get a scholarship to continue his master’s degree. This is a very inspiring story. Both his son and his father can be used as role models for many people.

Very inspiring true stories, usually best-selling to be shared on social media. With the aim of encouraging yourself, or sometimes to insinuate others, to have an attitude like the inspirational figure.

If in your circle of friends there are very inspiring figures, for example there is a wife who is willing to be the backbone of the family and has been so loyal for years to accompany her disabled husband, just come, do a little interview, write and publish it on a blog.

Surprising Things

Unexpected things, which shock the general public, also have a great chance of becoming viral and spreading in cyberspace. Remember the plastic rice case some time ago? About a mother who confides on Facebook that the rice she cooks is like plastic rice. The mother’s statement, which was accompanied by a photo of the rice, which was thought to be plastic rice, finally spread because it was shared by thousands of people. Imagine, if Mom had a blog and posted her stories there? Hundreds of thousands or even millions of people will visit his blog. Because because of Mother’s post, the issue of plastic rice even became a horrendous national news.

In addition, news about a woman eating at a restaurant and then being billed 2 million even though the food ordered was mediocre. There was another incident when someone bought a smartphone through a well-known online store, but when the item was sent it turned out to be filled with bar soap. Shocking and unexpected events like that, then the victims vent on the internet, proved to be viral and spread so quickly.

Well, if one day we experience things like that, just write on the blog. The important thing is that it really happened, not fictitious or slanderous.

Controversial Things

Controversial matters, which invite pros and cons and provoke long debates, can also potentially go viral. For example posting the article ‘It’s Time for LGBT to Be Legalized in Indonesia’

Readers who are pro-LGBT legalization, will share articles as a sign of agreement and a form of support. Meanwhile, readers who are against it will also share so that other anti-LGBT people will read it, with the aim that the blog owner will be bullied by many people.

Those are some topics that have the potential to become viral in cyberspace. But actually not only that, other topics and even general themes can also go viral, as long as they are well written and able to arouse the emotions of the readers.

Writings whose contents have succeeded in making their readers amazed, moved, angry, sad, crying, laughing. They secretly say in their hearts, “Wow that’s amazing!” “Sob. It’s similar to my story,” “Huakakak, that’s really funny! My friends have to read this too,” “Duh.. This is really true,” “Idiot! You want to be fooled,” “Oh my gosh. How can that be? ” “Subhanallah… It turns out that there are things like that,” and so on. The point is that writings that are able to stir up the emotions of readers, are able to touch their hearts and feelings, have the potential to become viral on the internet.

In this blog I have tried several times to post articles that have the potential to go viral. Some failed, some were half-successful and some were really successful, of course success is according to my own standards. For me, for a personal blog that is managed individually, when an article is shared by more than 1000 people, it is worthy of being called viral.

Examples of articles on this blog that have gone viral: 30 Creative Ways to Answer the Question ‘When Are You Getting Married?’

The article I wrote in the fasting month ahead of Eid yesterday, has been shared by thousands of social media users. And until this news was revealed, it has been read more than 28,000 times. For the size of a small blog like this, that amount is already very cool.

This proves that, those who do not understand SEO techniques like me, can also make their articles read by tens of thousands of people. That is by posting viral articles.

But the downside of this viral article usually doesn’t last long. Thousands of readers will come and share while the article is still hot. After a long time the viral effect will wear off by itself.

That’s my discussion about articles or viral content. Furthermore, if you are not busy, please read: 9 Tips for Making Blog Articles Viral on Social Media