TUTORIAL BOSSFinally Liquidate My Money from Google Adsense Checks. We haven’t seen each other in a long time. Miss and miss also joking around with Masbro and Mbakbro. How are you guys… I hope you’re fine isn’t it. Amen… that’s the prayer and hope of Mas Bro. Oh yes… Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Evening, Midnight wherever you are. Hello Bloggers.

Finally Liquidate My Money from Google Adsense Checks

Here I only share or vent. Consider sharing experiences. It’s about Checks from Google Adsense. You still remember don’t you. I once wrote that I got a Check from Google for the first time in my life. Hehehe.

Check Google Adsense Old Liquid But Sure
I don’t really understand about cashing out through checks. I used to really hope to get a check from Google Adsense. Finally that hope came too. For the first time… hehehe…

It was beyond my expectation when it was melting Check Google Adsense. I think, the money will immediately disburse when the check is in hand. Eh … it really took a very long time (45 days). Plus the costs we bear are not small. Pretty big too, if I’m not mistaken 250 thousand rupiah, the truth is I took it outside from the issuing bank of the Google Adsense check. Strange again, the publisher checks Google Adsense instead of 350 thousand rupiah. Try to imagine if the recipient of the check only gets 100 dollars… so… what we only get… count…

Even so, Google Adsense still keeps its promise. And pay what is our right as a Google Adsense publisher. Kudos to Google. Long but sure.

Switch to Western Union
Experience cashing Checks from Google Adsense made me change direction. Namely replace with Western Union. Well… it seems easier and faster. Good Bye Check… hehehehe.

Oh yes, Your blog has Google Adsense installed? If you haven’t tried it yet Read this page.

Yes, that’s all for now, friends… we’ll continue again later… I’ll share more. Of course it’s more interesting and… what… hehehe… Thank you for taking your time to read my thoughts. Hello bloggers. God bless.