Featured Content Slider

Featured Content Slider on the blog homepage is not good for SEO and users! Therefore, if your blog or website uses a Featured Content Slider, also known as a Slider Image, Posts Carousel, or Flash, delete it now!

That’s the conclusion EXAMPLEBLOG (CB) after a “survey” (read: Googling) about the Featured Content Slider on the front page of the blog.

For those who don’t know what Slider is, please open it Featured Content Slider for Blogger. For those of you who do not agree with the title of this post, please Install a Slider on your blog’s homepage which can indeed make your blog “beautiful”, beautiful, attractive, and “interesting”. CB himself chose “NO to SLIDER!”

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Sliders are not good for SEO and users

CB uses the following three sources to agree that Sliders are not good for SEO and visitors. For CB, Slider also only “dizzy” the user’s eyes.

  1. Search Engine Land (SEL).
  2. Yoast
  3. NN Group

The three sites become references in Blog/Website SEO Techniques.

Homepage Sliders: Bad For SEO, Bad For Usability,” said SEL after conducting a survey about sliders on a number of blogs/websites. Front Page Sliders are bad for SEO, bad for their use.

Sliders may make the blog so attractive (interesting). Some blog designers still find it “cool looking” (looks cool). However, SEL still says, the use of a slider or carousel is not only not good for SEO, but also “almost no blog visitors click on it” (under 1%).

In fact, “Nobody Clicks On The Carousels,” says SEL. No visitors click! There is, but that was… very little! Just under 1%.

Another reason Sliders are not good for SEO Blog al

  • Generally sliders use H1 Heading Tags and that reduces keyword relevance. There can only be one H1 Tag per blog page.
  • The slider only slows down the loading of the blog. Matt Cutss from Google even announced that he would give a penalty (sanction) for slow blogs. The sanction? Can’t be indexed, at least the page rank will be sooooooo much…. ^_^
  • Flash content cannot be crawled by all search engines — so stop using it to display important website content!

The results of the research and the opinion of SEL become the reference for PenThijs de Valk from Yoast. Yoast’s name is no stranger to self-hosting blog users CMS WordPress. Yoast is the maker of “WordPress SEO Plugins” which is a favorite of WP users.
Like SEL, Yoast bases its revenue on the following statistics:

  1. Only 1% of visitors click on the slide, and that’s mostly on the first slider.
  2. People (users) generally ignore the slider because the slide triggers “banner blindness” (read: dazzle).
  3. Sliders make your blog slow, heavy, and automatically impact SEO.
  4. Slider doesn’t always open on mobile devices (HP/Tablet)
  5. They push your content down, which Google recently mentioned yet again is not smart;
  6. It dilutes your message, because suddenly there are multiple messages on your homepage.

Another reliable reference for Sliders is the NN Group. This is arguably the “strongest reference” because the posts on the website are the result of scientific research on website design.

Auto-Forwarding Carousels and Accordions Annoy Users and Reduce Visibility,” he said. Sliders distract users and reduce vision, aka “glare”. After all, the NN Group still says, sliders can be considered advertisements.

“Most important, because it moves, users automatically assume that it might be an advertisement, which makes them more likely to ignore it.”

So, brothers and sisters, after reading the “peel over the Slider” above, are we still installing the slider or carousel on the blog homepage? There’s no prohibition, but that was… not SEO Friendly and not User Friendly.*