Sample Official School Official Letter sometimes needed when the school is having an official activity. The official letter serves to provide information to other agencies. Examples of official school letters include letters for the education office, official letters for students, official letters for parents of students, official letters for school activities and of course many others.

Sample Official Official Letter

When we talk about an official letter, what does an official letter actually mean? according to Wikipedia Official Letters are letters used for official purposes, whether individuals, agencies, or organizations, such as invitations, circulars, and notification letters.

Characteristics of Official Letters:

  1. There is a letterhead for the agency that issued the letter
  2. Consists of letter number, attachment and subject
  3. There is an official opening and closing greetings
  4. Official writing format
  5. There is an agency stamp

Structure and Format of writing an official letter:

  1. Letterhead or letterhead
  2. Letter Number, format according to agency rules
  3. attachment
  4. Thing
  5. The date of the letter written on the right and parallel to the letter number
  6. The address to which the letter is addressed
  7. The opener is usually “Sincerely,” at the end of the greeting, a comma is given
  8. Content of letter
  9. Closing

“Sample Official School Letter”

SMA Negeri 11 Jakarta

Jl. Sucipto Husodo Anjani Jakarta

No. Tel. (021) 650023345

================================================== =============================

Jakarta, October 12, 2014

No : 010/SMAN 11 Jakarta/X/2014
Attachment : –
Regarding : Invitation

Dear. Parents/Guardians
Class XII SMA Negeri 11

Yours faithfully,
In order to improve the knowledge and experience of the students of SMAN 11 Jakarta, especially class XII. So, through this letter, we, as school education management, intend to conduct field studies for students.

The event will be held on:

Day/Date : Tuesday, October 25, 2014
Time: 08.00 to 13.00 WIB
Place: Jakarta
Event : Indonesian Flora and Fauna Research

Thus, we convey this notification letter, thank you for all your attention and cooperation.

SMAN 11 Jakarta

Setianus Anjarwati, SPd.

“Sample School Official Letter 2”



Jl. Husada Setyana No. 12 Semarang, tel. (024) 3345432

================================================== ============================

Semarang, 15 August 2014
Number : 010/SMPN 12 Semarang/VIII/2014

Attachment : –
Regarding : Guardian Invitation

Dear. Parents / Guardians of Students
State Junior High School 12

Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb., Peace to all of us
In commemoration of the anniversary of SMP Negeri 12 Semarang, We OSIS administrators will hold a thanksgiving and donation event for orphans, please if you can participate by making donations, therefore we request your presence at:

Day / date : Monday / 17 August 2014
Place: Building Multipurpose SMP Negeri 12
Event: Participation from Parents / Guardians

Given the importance of the event, we ask that you attend on time, this invitation is conveyed. We thank you for your presence and participation. Wassalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.

To the 12 Semarang State Junior High School Head of Student Council

Sri Sudarmono S, to Anjani Kurniawan
ID : 123234344333434

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The following is an example of an official school official letter that you can use as a reference in making it. Naturally sample official letter above you can complete it yourself with real data according to the agency.