Environmental Benefits for Humans – We humans are living beings who use the most natural products, therefore we are also obliged to preserve nature in various ways. Starting from trivial things such as throwing garbage in its place, minimizing waste, utilizing vacant land for planting, using energy sparingly and utilizing environmentally friendly energy. That way, the earth as a place to live will be more friendly and give back its benefits for us.

Environmental Benefits for Humans
Environmental Benefits

The importance of benefits Environment For Life are:

  1. Environment as a vehicle or place for the continuation of life,
  2. Environment as a place to live (habitat),
  3. Environment as a place to find food, and
  4. Environment as social, economic, political, cultural, and other activities.

The benefits of reforestation are not only beneficial for humans but also beneficial for other living things and the balance of various systems on earth.

Green plants, both large and small, have their respective roles. The following are the benefits of reforestation:

  • As a protector, trees protect us from the hot sun, dust, harmful gases, muffle sound and so on.
  • Many plants are a source of food for humans and animals. By doing greenery means we provide more food,
  • water storage,
  • protect the climate,
  • Aesthetic benefits.

Humans on earth always need to eat, drink, live, and also need clothes. Therefore, humans always need help from their environment directly. Examples of environmental benefits for humans include:

  • Air for breathing purposes because no human can survive without the help of air.
  • Water for drinking, bathing, irrigating rice fields, and generating electricity.
  • Plants and Animals to meet the needs of animal and vegetable protein. In addition, plants and animals can also be used as a source of energy and pleasure. In certain areas, cows and buffalo are used as plow pullers in the fields, and horses to pull wagons and serve as a means of equestrian sport.
  • Land for building various infrastructures to support human life, for example to make houses, government buildings, sports and shops.
  • Source of mining goods and mineral resources, such as gold, silver, copper, and others.
  • Producer of raw materials and raw materials for industry.