Vision was having fun singing chaiyya chaiyya while dancing in India, when Ine and Maya suddenly appeared at his house.

“Damn it, Visi. Maya and I are already so tense, do you still always dance tacky like that?” Ine protested.

“It’s fun again, Ne. This is my favorite song this year. Why are you guys tensed up?” asked Visi with a look of incomprehension.

“Duh Visi! You forgot that this afternoon we have a fight schedule with Indri?” replied Maya keki.

“Eh, yes, yes. But what about it, I was told to look after the house, by the way, I went to social gathering?”

“You can’t do that. We still have to go together. After all, it’s only for a moment. My mother also goes to social gathering, but before our mother returns home, our business will be in order. Let’s go!” Maya said.

And this tomboyish trio immediately slid toward the Garuda field. There, it turned out that Indri had been waiting for a few minutes.

“Think you don’t dare come…” Indri said arrogantly, shaking his head. His arms were jerked and his ten fingers were bent, as if he was making a warm-up motion.

And Ine was really hot to see Indri’s lame style.

“How dare you come alone? Your life has spare parts?!” Ine asked disdainfully.

“Who said I was alone?” replied Indri. He then clapped three times as if giving a code.

Indri’s car, which was parked not far from there, slowly opened the four doors, and from inside came unfriendly faces.

“Auntie, those are my troops. Coincidentally, at my house there was a social gathering, so I’ll invite them to unite to fight against groups that are trying to fight nature as girls!”

In fact, Ine really wanted to punch Indri’s mouth that very second, but her fighting spirit immediately slackened seeing Indri’s support. Plepess! Like crackers falling into the sewer.

Moreover Visi and Maya, they immediately fainted. Because among Indri’s troops who were taken from the social gathering team were their Mamas!

“Mama told you to take care of the house, not a fight!” hardik mama Visi.

“You want to be a girl, aren’t you right? Mama also got a report earlier at your school for making a fuss,” Maya’s mother grumbled while pinching Maya’s ear.

“Ine asked,” defended Visi and Maya.

Dozens of pairs of eyes looked at Ine with a very obvious scorn. And Ine was only able to surrender when the arisan mothers commented obliquely about her tomboyish behavior!


The long awaited Sunday was greeted by Ine with a slightly flustered heart. The hurtful words from the arisan mothers the other day still ringing falsely in his ears.

“You were never taught manners by your parents, right?”

“Why are girls acting like market thugs! Because you’re hanging out with you, Maya is being stubborn now! And blah blah! blah….

Anyway, very painful to remember. Yesterday, Ine wanted to detonate a suicide bomb in the midst of these naughty mothers.

“Would if Mama were still around, would you think like them too?” Ine suddenly felt sad alone.

Since her mother died 10 years ago, plus her father is too busy in the office, Ine’s tomboyish talent has grown optimally. But please, he’s not as cruel as the women accused him of. Her maternal instincts are often touched to see minors forced to work on the streets. Have you ever laughed when you accidentally watched a stepdaughter’s wailing film? As a girl, Ine is also good at cooking, even though she only cooks water.

That his attitude that leads to boys is God’s secret. He just wanted to show that girls shouldn’t be fooled by boys, as is happening a lot nowadays. And he was offended when Indri lowered his principles, so he was willing to sacrifice to the last drop of blood for it.

Unfortunately, the mothers did not want to understand the struggle. Even Visi and Maya, the duo who think like him have now been secluded and can’t hang out with him anymore.

“Arrgh! It’s really annoying!” Ine grumbled while ruffling her own hair.

Fortunately, not long after, Re with his sweet smile came to pick him up, Ine’s heart which was previously erratic became peaceful like Iraq, hehe.


“Don’t be surprised, will you meet my mother later?” Re said as he parked his motorbike.

“Huh?! Why, Re?” Ine asked a little shocked and her feelings were immediately worried.

Re just smirked, making Ine even more worried. What if Re’s mother is an anti-tomboy? Like the arisan troop the other day. Perhaps he will also give stale advice, or even be bullied! Expelled! It is forbidden to be near the child.

Where there is a mother who wants to have a daughter-in-law whose movements resemble this tough stud of mine? Why is this thought just popping up now? When he arrived at Re’s home page. Go ahead anxiously. Back where possible. Waaa …. Like getting simalakama collapsed.

“Come on, Ne. Mama is behind you,” said Re, opening the door which Ine’s eyes looked like the door to hell.

With heavy steps and hesitation, Ine finally complied with Re’s invitation.

“Heh! You’re home already? Wait a minute, bear it!”
Ine and Re looked up, looking for the source of the sound. And oh my gosh! On the roof of the house, a mother was seen fiddling with the tiles. A few minutes later descended in a way that seemed very experienced.

Ine looked on in amazement. Re shrugged while turning his head towards Ine. “That’s how my mother is.”

Mama Re, who had arrived near them, waved her hands, then greeted Ine. “Sorry, mother’s hands are a bit dirty. Mother’s single child can’t be relied on, so mother has to intervene herself.”

“Oh….. It’s okay, Auntie. It’s absolutely okay,” Ine answered enthusiastically.

“It’s not that I don’t have money to pay people to fix the roof tiles, but if you can do it yourself, why should you ask people to do some exercise,” said Mama Re, while preparing a chair for Ine.

“If you just climb roof tiles, it’s small for you. You can climb mountains, rock climbs and climb coconut trees. In fact, when I was a girl, my mother became an athlete in the rock-climbing branch of PON. In my opinion, women shouldn’t lose to men!” he continued excitedly seeing the enthusiastic look on Ine’s face.

“From the past until now, my mother doesn’t really hang out gossiping about unimportant things. When she fights against a playboy motherfucker, she’s the most enthusiastic! Haha…

“Really Auntie! Totally agree!” cried Ine uncontrollably, her heart squealed with joy to find a mother who shared the same ideology as her.

As a result, between Mrs. Re and Ine, they were involved in an exciting conversation, exchanging experiences in the tomboyish world. Meanwhile, Re, languishes being ignored!