Eliminate Hyperlinks in Post Titles (SEO Tips)

ON Generally, the title of the post (writing) on ​​the blog uses a hyperlink on the inner page, which is when the post is opened (single post title). When clicked, that post title link leads nowhere, but instead to the same post page.

This case is similar to the link that many bloggers make, which is to create a link in a post that leads to the post itself.

Though, according to web design experts: Don’t create links that point to the page the visitor is reading! (Read it: Error in Creating Internal Links).

Post title in the form of a link on the inner page (single post) which still leads to the same page, the case is the same as the internal link that leads to the “current page”.

So, we should remove or remove the hyperlink in the blog post title. That is, the title of the article should only be plain text, anchor text, without links!

CB have “surveyed” about the link in the title of the post on this single page/post to several “senior bloggers” sites out there. In conclusion, as this title suggests, we should Eliminate Hyperlinks in Post Titles (SEO Tips).
The main reason is because it turns out that Google is having trouble indexing blog post titles whose inner pages are still links as well as on the front page (home).

That is, if the titles on the page should be in the form of hyperlinks. But once it’s been clicked or opened, then on the inner page (single page/single post), the link should no longer exist.

Here’s Google’s explanation:In order for Google News to include articles, each article must hyperlink to a dedicated page solely to that article, as your site does. Yet, when the headline on this page is an active link, we often have difficulty crawling it correctly.” (More: Blogging Tips: How To Use Permalinks The Right Way For SEO).

In addition, the link in the title of the post that has been opened is not needed at all. Well… people have opened it! “This link is absolutely unessential because the link is pointing to the same page we are reading”. This link is completely unimportant because the link points to the same page that is currently being opened/read!

There was a “debate” among bloggers out there about this. There are also those who “keukeuh” want to leave the link in a single post, with the excuse that the post hyperlink is easy to copy. (Remove the hyperlink from single post titles).

CB himself has removed the link in the title of the inner page (which has been opened). You can check the title of this post which is in the form of regular anchor text. Compare it to the title of your blog post now!

Had a peek at the BBC Indonesia site and the website of a web design expert NN Group. It turns out that the title of their single post is also without a hyperlink! Yes, it’s good CB to delete it!

How to Remove Hyperlinks in Inner Page Post Titles

1. Templates > Edit HTML

2. Find (Ctrl+F) the code

If you find more than one code, then select the one with the H1 code (see example below)

3. DELETE the code!

4. REPLACE with the following code:


Remove Hyperlinks in Post Titles


By Code:

Save your Templates!

That’s how Remove Hyperlinks in Post Titles (SEO tips) to make it easier for Google to index and crawl our blog posts. (http://exampleblognih.blogspot.com).*