Effect of Changing Blog Templates on Traffic

IS change the blog template will have an impact on decreasing traffic (number of visitors)? How does changing templates affect Google’s index?

That’s a question that often arises among boggers. Generally, bloggers answer: yes, change template effect, that is can reduce traffic or reduce the number of visits!

The reason, Google must re-index our blog structure!

Is that right? It could be. But, there are buts…. if we take a peek at the chat on the forum Digital Point: Does change in blogger template effect the incoming traffic?, then the answer is: changing the blog template has NO EFFECT, as long as Meta Tags (Blog Title, Blog Description, Keywords) are not changed.

See: SEO Friendly Meta Tags for Blogs

This is a partial answer on the Digital Point forum to the question “Does changing the blog template have an impact on traffic?”

  • Blogger template can’t effect to your website traffic but it makes your website more search engine friendly.
  • I agree, I don’t see a template change effecting it unless its a really slow loading one as Google have started taking speed into account as a factor of your rankings.
  • I am very sure that if u change blogger template than definitely change in incoming traffic.
  • No, .. changing the template alone won’t affect your traffic.. There must be something else that is affecting your traffic.
  • No, changing the template may never affect to your site or blog.,
  • I don’t think changing the template should have any effect. Did it change the META data?
  • No.. there’s no any effect if you change your template.. If the traffics are gone it should be the case of meta date as jdhflip said.. or maybe you change your title tag..
  • Yes, I have done this and seen the change. Actually a few months before, I changed the template of my blog, to make it attractive and trust me, the traffic increased. Though off-page plays an important part in it but yes, the template does effect the traffic a bit.
  • No i dont think that changing a template may affect to your traffic.
  • If your template has slowed down your website loading, it could affect your traffic.

So, what caused the decrease in traffic when changing the template was not because of changing the template, but because the blogger changed the Meta Tags or didn’t equate the previous Meta Tags with the Meta Tags in the new template.

Except, if the new template is HEAVY aka not fast loading, then obviously the reason is because it’s so heavy.

If the template is more seo friendly and fast loading, changing the template is not reducing traffic, but on the contrary: increasing the number of visitors!

CB itself has changed the template twice, namely from Johnny Wuss, New Johnny Wuss V1, and New Johnny Wuss V2. The impact? Visitors even go up. Alexa rank also increased.

The key: the blog template is more seo and fast loading, fixed meta tags, even more relevant to the blog content.


  1. Changing the template will have no effect on traffic as long as the Meta Tags (blog title and blog description) are the same as the old template.
  2. Changing the template will even increase the number of visitors (traffic), if the new template is more seo friendly, fast loading, responsive, and has a good data structure.
  3. On the other hand, if the new template is heavy (not fast loading) and not seo friendly, also if you change Meta Tags, then the possibility of a decrease in traffic is very high.


  1. Use a template that is seo friendly, fast loading, responsive, and the structured data has no errors (check below) Google RichSnippets).
  2. Don’t change Blog Name & Description (Meta Tags) in new template. Copy Meta Tags in the old template and Paste into the new template.
  3. Don’t hesitate to change the template, if the latest template you have is more seo, faster, and better!

How is your experience changing blog templates…? Please, share….!