Don't Turn Off the Right Click Function on Your Blog!

TURN OFF right click function (disable right click), also turns off CTRL+C, CTRL+P, and the like, meant to protect blog posts/content from Copy Paste (Copas) aka “content theft”. You see, there are many bloggers who “copas” other blog posts and then post them on their blogs as if it were their own writing.

But, should we protect our blog content from Copas by turning off the right mouse function and/or Ctrl+C?

That’s BAD IDEA. Disabling the right click function is a bad idea. Some even say it’s “outdated” aka “old school”!

Installing an anti-copypaste code or disabling right click will actually harm your own blog!

If you are “upset” with a blogger who copied your post, stay Report to Google DCMA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) and blogs that copy and paste your posts will also be banned or “blacklisted” by Google.

Moreover, Copas bloggers will eventually get banned, sanctioned by Google and disappeared from circulation in the internet world!

“Don’t Disable Right Click!” say Site Points. Do not turn off the right click function on your blog. It’s annoying! It is very disturbing to visitors’ comfort, aka not user friendly and destroys the “user experience” (UX).

Disabling the right mouse click function is also self-defeating. The reason is, there are lots of right-click features that are very useful when we make posts, for example “clicking on the link address” when we are going to create “internal links” or links to other posts.

If you think disable right-click it will protect source code, post or image (image, photo), think again! In addition to harming yourself, users can also break into it easily, for example by using a password turn off javascript code in web browser, CTRL+P, and more.

Site Point even calls bloggers who turn off the right-click function as “unprofessional” aka amateurs!

So, don’t turn off the right click function on your blog! Let it be…. after all, our intention to blog is to share. Why must it be “twisted” so that it cannot be copied? Let it go, once again…. the Copas blog will be kicked by Google Panda!

Good Luck and Happy Blogging!