Don't Ask for Return Visits in Blog Comments

ALMOST every day there are comments asking for a return visit (kunbal), such as “wait for the kunbal”, “stop by my blog”, “visit my blog”, and the like, plus a link or blog address.

There is an opinion, asking for a return visit or a return visit will make the blog owner even become lazy to visit your blog. The reason is because the blog owner knows right away that the purpose of your comment is “just to get a return visit”.

Opinions are more “extreme” and can offend “blogwalkers” (blogs that like blogwalking to search backlinks and return visits), that bloggers who in comments request a return visit are “beggars kunbal”. Wow… CB doesn’t agree, it’s too “rude” to be called a “kunbal beggar”.

Many “senior” bloggers advise us NOT to openly ask for a return visit. You see, it only shows you are a new blogger or an old blogger but the blog is empty of visitors.

CB agrees, we shouldn’t ask for a return visit in blog comments. Please refer to the CB post about the question

As a fellow blogger, CB has tried to be “kind” by setting up a blog that allows commenters to leave their blog links, by using an Open ID. If you don’t have an Open ID for Comments, please have a look How to Create OpenID Comments.

CB “guarantee”, God willing, before publishing your comment, CB almost always opens the blog link that you include in the comments. CB is also curious, wants to know about your blog, and often your blog is the inspiration for updating this blog.

But I’m sorry, if your blog is about gambling, especially pornography, then your comments and blog links won’t be published… Sorry… Because CB really agrees with the “Positive Internet” campaign 🙂 Moreover, the comments are accompanied by asking for a return visit: )

How about you, are there many who comment like this: “nice info bro, waiting for the kunbal“on the blog???

Oh yes, I’m sorry if anyone is “sarcastic” let alone “offended” by this post “Don’t Ask for a Return Visit in the Blog Comments” 🙂 Pizzzz ah….!

Good Luck and Happy Blogging!