Digestive function, pepsin and renin – Talking about digestive problems, of course you already know a lot, right? Because I’m sure there are many articles that discuss digestion. I’ve also discussed a lot of digestive problems, whether it’s digestion in animals or digestion in humans. Digestion occurs not only in humans, but in all types of living things that need food. This is because the digestive process itself is a process of changing food from what was previously crude to being simple to get energy as energy for the body.

Digestion itself has its own function for the body of living things, the function of digestion will be discussed later in the information below. There is something you should know when you study digestive problems, the important thing you should know when studying digestive problems is that the digestive process does not only involve the organs of the digestive system, but also involves enzyme fluids that can help smooth the digestive process, these fluids can be obtained from the digestive organs. In addition to discussing the digestive function here, I will also discuss the function of pepsin and the function of renin. What are its functions? Let’s see the same.

Digestive function

I have discussed a lot of digestive problems, but only limited to the digestive system, digestive system tract, digestive system organs, and I have not had time to discuss about digestive function. Therefore, on this occasion I take the time to discuss digestive function, who knows you are in need of information about digestive function.

If you really need information about digestive function, then it’s not wrong if you read this article. Digestive function is

  • The function of digestion is to remove food residue that is not digested by the body
  • The function of digestion is to break down food particles so that they can be more refined
  • The function of digestion is to absorb nutrients from food and distribute it to all parts of the body

Function of pepsin and renin

In the above explanation it has been said that the digestive process does not only require digestive organs, but also requires enzyme fluids that will help the digestive process to run more smoothly. Enzymes that can help the digestive process can be produced from the digestive organs. The enzymes pepsin and renin are examples of enzymes that can help the digestive process. Function of pepsin and renin itself is different.

The main function of pepsin is as a tool to help the process of breaking down proteins that are found in all foods such as meat and eggs. The protein will be broken down into smaller ones or fragments called polypeptides. The function of renin is to help digest breast milk in the baby’s stomach which is still too small.