Bolu batik is not much different from the Japanese roll cake which also relies on the creation of images on the top. However, if Japanes Roll Cake puts more emphasis on animated images, then Bolu batik will highlight various images of batik motifs that are widely known.

In starting a sponge cake business, you don’t actually need a large capital, apart from the fact that there is no special equipment used, only equipment for making cakes in general, the raw materials used are also easy to obtain. Like when I started making batik sponge, the capital I spent was no more than Rp. 1 million which was used for equipment and raw materials.

The main capital is only a strong desire and continue to be creative to make quality products. To get the right taste, shape and texture of the cake, it is not easy, at least you have to try a dozen times to get the batik sponge you want.

Batik Motif

Bolu Batik (

There are two things that are the main selling point of batik sponge cake, namely the unique shape and of course the taste. Regarding the shape, this batik sponge resembles rolled batik cloth with a length of about 24 cm and can be cut into 20 parts. For the batik motif itself, almost all existing batik motifs can be applied to this cake, such as the Selendang Gendong batik motif, Kawung batik to Sido Mukti batik motifs.

In addition to various motifs, this batik sponge also has various fillings, including chocolate, cheese, strawberry, blue berry and so on. Of the various fillings that have a cheese flavor that is in great demand by consumers.

With the artistic value contained in it, the soft texture of the sponge and the butter cream that is like ice cream and not bad, gives more selling points to the products that I make. For one piece of batik sponge is sold in the range of IDR 75-100 thousand depending on the selected batik motif and the filling, because the more difficult the desired batik motif, the higher the selling value.

Raw Materials and Equipment

Making this batik sponge is not difficult but it takes courage to try. If it’s still difficult to get started, the course of making batik sponge cake that I opened can be a way out. The course for making batik sponge or Batik Roll Cake is opened every Saturday and Sunday with a fee for one course of IDR 400 thousand.

Broadly speaking, making a batik sponge is almost the same as making a roll cake. The first is the preparation of equipment such as baking sheets, steamers, mixers and so on. Meanwhile, the raw materials are almost the same as making regular sponge cakes, namely eggs, sugar, wheat flour and food coloring. For food coloring, I usually use dyes that have been certified halal so they are safe to use.

To make this batik sponge does not take long, only about 30 minutes. For those who cannot paint batik directly, then batik motifs can be obtained from the internet and then printed and pasted the printed batik motifs onto a baking sheet and then lined it with parchment paper and the batik motifs are ready to be traced.


Marketing sponge batik is not too difficult because its unique shape can attract people who see it to buy. Purchases will continue if the taste of the sponge offered is delicious and in accordance with the taste buds of consumers. Utilizing social media and direct offers to friends and relatives is also an effective marketing that can be done. With this marketing, it is not surprising that batik sponge cake is not only liked by domestic consumers, many foreign consumers are also attracted by the uniqueness and tempting taste of batik sponge. Like Singapore, Malaysia and even India.

Source: Fastnewsindonesia