When we read articles, papers, books or so on, we surely find that the writings are divided into several groups of sentences. Each group of sentences can be said as a paragraph. Learn more to know more about paragraph let’s look at the reviews starting from paragraph meaning, paragraph type, paragraph structure and paragraph conditions.
Paragraph is a group of sentences that are related to each other and together explain a thought that animates the whole essay. This thought is called the main thought.
A good paragraph is a paragraph that is able to convey thoughts well to the reader. The requirements of the paragraph are that it must have unity, coherence and completeness.
What is meant by unity is that a paragraph must be built with a clear mind. One thought is described in the form of a main thought and several clear thoughts. The relationship of one thought to another indicates that the paragraph already has unity
Kapeduan is realized from the compact relationship between sentences that make up paragraphs. Good cohesion occurs when the reciprocal relationship between sentences is reasonable and easy to understand. There are several ways to make paragraphs have a compact cohesion, namely by using pronouns, connecting words, and details and order of thoughts.
A paragraph is said to be complete if it contains sufficient explanatory sentences to support the main sentence.
A paragraph must consist of several sentences. The sentences are the main sentence and the supporting sentence. The main sentence is a sentence that contains the main idea or main idea. While the explanatory sentence is a sentence that contains an explanation of the main sentence.

1. Main Sentence

Consists of one sentence only. Usually the main sentence has the following characteristics:
  • Contains problems that can be described further.
  • A perfect sentence that can stand alone.
  • Has a clear meaning without having to be connected with other sentences.
  • Can be formed without the need for conjunctions.

Consists of several sentences. Its characteristics are as follows:
  • Can’t stand alone
  • The sentence must be explained by another sentence to know its meaning.
  • Usually requires a conjunction
  • The contents are in the form of details, descriptions, examples, and other data that support the main sentence.

The structure of a paragraph is usually related to the order in which the main sentence and supporting sentences are placed. Based on the sentence categories in the paragraph, the paragraph structure can be categorized into three, namely:
  • Deductive Paragraph, namely paragraphs where the main sentence is at the beginning of the paragraph and is followed by an explanatory sentence.
  • Inductive Paragraph, namely paragraphs in which the main sentence is at the end of the paragraph and is preceded by explanatory sentences
  • Mixed Paragraph, is a combination of deductive and inductive. The main sentence is found at the beginning and end of the paragraph, interspersed with explanatory sentences.
  • Paragraphs Without Main Sentences (narrative paragraph, which is a paragraph that does not have a main sentence, but has a main idea. Usually found in story texts and in the form of descriptions.

A descriptive paragraph is a paragraph that tells or explains something clearly. Descriptive paragraphs can be characterized by the following characteristics:describe an object such as a certain object, place, or atmosphere by using the five senses (hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, and touch. The things that are described from the object are: certain physical characteristics and properties of objects such as color, size, shape, and personality. In this type of paragraph often foundi words or phrases that mean states or adjectives. Example Paragraph Description which are as follows:
The table that my father bought for Budi as a birthday present has arrived. The table is made of teak wood. The table is approximately 75 cm high, about 50 cm wide and 1.5 meters long. This light brown table looks very suitable with Budi’s slightly dark study room. This table has 2 cabinets, one on the left and one on the right. With the support legs make this table comfortable to use for studying.
An expository paragraph is a paragraph that describes ways or instructions so that the reader understands the reading clearly. The characteristics of this paragraph are: there is a definition or understanding of the term of a topic of discussion. Not inviting or influencing. In the form of informative paragraphs, meaning that it can provide information to the reader. Usually this paragraph has clear details of data to support the information presented. Example of an Exposition Paragraph :
Organizations need strong cooperation in order to run well. Like a car that moves because the car engine and other components work together. Organizations also need components such as the head of the organization, vice chairman, secretary, treasurer, public relations and group members. They are what drive the organization. Like in a car, if one is missing or damaged, it will hinder the way the car can’t even run at all. Likewise with the organization, all parties have certain functions and tasks that will disrupt the running of the organization if one of them is absent or not working. Even the smallest part, such as members, has a very important position in the organization.
Narrative paragraph is a paragraph that tells an event or events in which there is a subject, the actor, the time of the incident and the storyline. The characteristics of this paragraph is that it is arranged in time sequence, either in the form of a forward or backward flow. Contains an event that tells the action or action. It has story elements such as characters, setting, conflict and author’s point of view. In this paragraph, the youngest characteristic is marked that there are quite a lot of direct sentences. And the writing has a creative and aesthetic style so that it can make the reading more interesting. Example of Narrative Paragraph :
Einstein was born in Ulm in Württemberg, Germany; about 100 km east of Stuttgart. His father was Hermann Einstein, a feather bed salesman who later worked on electrochemistry, and his mother was Pauline. They married in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt. Their families are of Jewish descent; Albert was educated in a Catholic school and at the wish of his mother he was given violin lessons.

An argumentative paragraph is a paragraph that expresses an opinion or idea that has supporting reasons. Its characteristics are The main sentence is an opinion or idea conveyed by the author. Opinions expressed are usually in the form of something that attracts readers and creates controversy in society.

Accompanied by explanatory sentences in the form of strong reasons and supported by facts, examples, statistical data, graphs to be more convincing the reader. And DEnd with a logical conclusion based on the main idea presented at the beginning of the sentence. Example of Argumentative Paragraph :

The cost of education in Indonesia is very expensive. Even though the government has provided assistance, students still have to pay some expenses for school needs, such as clothes, books, and others. The high cost of education is not only limited to elementary school, but up to college. Even the cost of studying on campus is very, very expensive because the government does not provide direct assistance to universities. Many children who after graduating from high school prefer to find work instead of continuing in college. As a result, education in Indonesia is not evenly distributed and only concentrated on people who can afford it. Meanwhile, for the poor, higher education is just a dream.
A persuasive paragraph is a paragraph that contains an invitation that has the aim of getting the reader to take action. Ppersuasion paragraphs have strong reasons accompanied by data and facts. PThis paragraph tries to convince the reader to do or believe what the author wrote. Persuasion paragraphs often use invitation words such as come on, let’s go and so on. Busually prioritizing the agreement of opinion and avoid conflict so that the reader’s trust is not lost. Example of a Persuasive Paragraph :
Education is the most important thing in life, whether formal or informal education. With education we can get and become whatever we want. Education can also lead us to a better life. We can achieve education by studying hard both at school, at home and in other places. If we do not study seriously and diligently, of course what we do is only in vain because nothing can be achieved by actions that are not sincere. As a result, we cannot reach our goals. Therefore, let’s study hard and earnestly so that we can achieve our goals.