Definition of Scene in Film

The term scene was first introduced in the world of cinematography. This scene is used for shooting scenes from a story. Taking pictures of a story film, soap opera or drama, is done scene by scene, i.e. scene by scene. Therefore, it is better to understand the meaning of SCENE first.

Scenes are scenes. Scripts for story films and soap operas are arranged on a scene by scene basis. The definition of a SCENE is: a scene that occurs in the same location, at the same time. For example, the scene in a school canteen. So as long as the scenes that take place in the cafeteria take place at the same time, then the scenes are grouped into a scene. However, the shooting position in the canteen may move around, as long as it is still in the canteen environment.

This means that a scene may consist of more than shots or shooting angles. So one scene can consist of several shots, to get an overview of a scene, the scenes in the scene can be broken up into several shots. Scene is often interpreted as a place or setting where a story will be played, this of course is influenced by the world of theater or stage. A scene can consist of several shots or it can be one long shot which is known as a sequence shot. Sequence is a series of several shots in a unified whole.

Thus the scene defines the place or setting where the incident takes place. This can be seen from theatrical productions, where an act can be divided into a number of scenes, each taking place at a different location. One scene can consist of one shot or a number of shots depicting a continuous event.

Sample Storyboard Image with several Scenes in it

Example: the film up where the actors Ellie and Carl they are having a dialogue in the house covered by a blanket and hung by a rope that forms a camping tent in the scene consists of several shots from seconds to 0:05 more or less to 0:30 seconds Shot defines a series of images recorded by the camera without interruption. Each shot is one take.

If additional shots are taken from the same set-up due to technical or dramatic errors, the additional shots are called re-takes. If the set up is changed in one way or another the camera changes, the lens changes or another action taken is a new shot, not a re-take. Example: film up a dialogue scene with Ellie and Carl from 0:5 seconds to 0:35 seconds. A sequence is a series or shots, which is a unified whole. A sequence can take place in one setting or in several settings.

Actions must be related correctly in a sequence when they consist of a number of shots that are coherent with direct cuts to describe the events that take place as they actually are. A sequence can start as an exterior scene, and continue inside a building, as the player enters and engages in a conversation or something. A sequence can start or end with a “fade” or “dissolve”; or it can be with “cut” directly by grouping all sequences.