Definition of Request – In every transaction activity in the economy, there will certainly be two interrelated aspects, namely demand (demand) and supply (supply). The price of goods and the quantity of goods or services that influence each other. Demand and supply will meet each other and will form a meeting point in units of price and quantity (quantity of goods).

Definition of Request

according to Gilarso (2007), in economics the term demand has a certain meaning, which always refers to a certain relationship between the amount of an item that people will buy and the price of the item. Demand is the amount of a good that is willing and able to be purchased at various possible prices, during a certain period of time, assuming other things remain the same (= ceteris paribus).

Demand is the amount of goods purchased or requested at a certain price and time. Demand is related to consumer desires for goods and services that they want to fulfill. And the trend of consumer demand for goods and services is unlimited.

Demand is the amount of a good or service that consumers are willing and able to buy, at various price levels. Several factors affect demand:

  • The price of the item itself
  • Prices of other related goods,
  • income level,
  • Consumer tastes, and
  • Expectations/estimates.

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