Definition of Introduction to Law
Definition of Introduction to Law

Definition of Introduction to LawLaw is a set of life instructions (commands and prohibitions) that regulates the order in society that all members of society should obey. Therefore, the violation of the guidelines for life can lead to actions by the government/rulers.

Mochtar Kusumaatmadja in “Law, Society and National Law Development (1976:15): “An adequate understanding of law must not only view the law as a set of rules and principles that regulate human life in society, but must also include the institutions and processes needed to realize the law in reality.“.

Roscoe Pound interpret the law from two points of view, namely;

  1. Law in the sense of a legal system (the relationship between humans and other individuals, and the behavior of individuals that affect other individuals, or social order, or economic order).
  2. Law in the sense as a collection of basic authority from court decisions and administrative actions (expectations or demands by humans as individuals or groups of humans that affect their relationships or determine their behavior). Law for Rescoe Pound is as a “Social Reality” and the state is established in the public interest & law is the main vehicle.

Karl von Savigny : “All law is originally formed by custom and popular feeling, that is, by silent operating forces. Law is rooted in a people’s history: the roots are fed by the consciousness, the faith and the customs of the people”. (The whole law is really formed through the habits and feelings of the people, namely through the operation of power secretly. Law is rooted in human history, where its roots are revived by the consciousness, beliefs and habits of citizens).

And according to Encyclopedia, “Law is a series of rules, regulations, rules, both written and unwritten, which regulate the relationships between members of the community.
From an etymological point of view, the introductory term is a general view in a nutshell. While Science Law is knowledge that specifically teaches about the law and all the intricacies related in it. So it can be concluded that Introduction to Legal Science is a science that studies law in general and provides a brief general view of all legal science, and regarding the position of legal science in addition to other sciences.

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