The meaning and purpose of da’wah – We often hear the word da’wah in everyday life. The word da’wah is often considered that it is only appropriate to be conveyed by certain groups such as pious ulama, ustadz, ustadzah, even those who have a certificate of remembrance are worthy of preaching. People still think that this da’wah is only suitable for Islamic scientists or scholars. Da’wah as a complete program (barnamij), all levels of which contain all the knowledge that is a necessity for humans to explain the purpose and purpose of life and to reveal the path that guides them.

Definition of da’wah

Definition of Da’wah In Islam, it is an act to call, invite, call mankind to believe and obey Allah SWT and return to a true teaching according to Islamic law. Da’wah is also interpreted as an effort to bring other people to Islam, to follow the instructions of this religion, carry out all its provisions on this earth, specialize in all forms of self-servitude, supplication and obedience to Allah alone, free oneself from all conspiracies that are not from Allah. (taghut) which must be obeyed, giving rights to others whose rights are determined by Allah, calling for goodness and forbidding all evil, and bejihad in His way.

Islamic da’wah is a movement that brings or changes society from a state of disbelief to a state of faith, from a state of darkness to a state of light and from a narrow state to an open state, in this world and in the hereafter. So it can be concluded that da’wah is one of the efforts of a person or group to call on humans by using certain approaches to bring people to the pleasure of Allah SWT.

The purpose of da’wah

The purpose of da’wah is to change the view of human life that life in this world is only temporary because the one who has power over everything is Allah SWT. Preaching is important in spreading the religion of Islam to not only Muslims, but also to those who are still searching for the true meaning of this life. Without da’wah, Islam will not develop and only descendants of Islam will remain.

Da’wah is a very important thing in returning humans to the one God, there is NO other than Allah SWT. Inviting people to goodness and preventing humans from doing evil is an obligatory thing for every Muslim to do. If you see an evil happening in front of your eyes, rebuke it in a modest and appropriate way. Even though a little knowledge is conveyed, but as long as a little knowledge is conveyed it can benefit others, then the existing knowledge will not go stale. What’s the use of a little knowledge If it is not conveyed, then the knowledge is useless and useless.