Dear.  Drug Seller Blog AdminsDear. Drug Seller Blog Admins. Every day, there are some of you who write spam comments that tend to be junk (junk comments) on this blog.

In fact, sometimes there are 10 spam comments on 10 different posts!

Poor CB. It’s been reminded in the comment message, don’t spam and don’t include the link/blog name in the comment content, because it will automatically not appear and/or be deleted.

This is just an example of a spam comment from one of you, online drug dealer admins:

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CB wrote this “open letter” out of pity and “sympathy” with you. Tired of “blogwalking” and writing comments, but nothing shows up.

So, for the sake of National Stability and Integrity of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI), also for the sake of #SaveKPK and #HukumMatiKoruptor, immediately stop the habit of spamming alias write spam comments on this blog or on other blogs.

Who taught you-you to diligently blogwalking and nyepam? If you want to be a CB “student” in terms of comments on other people’s blogs, then please click “how to comment on blog“.

Your spirit is real beyond savage, uh… extraordinary! Every day you write comments on the CB blog and other blogs that link to CB. Incredible, uh… awesome!!!

However, what can you do…. your comments cannot appear in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations based on Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution as outlined in SK CB No. 00/Kom/X/2014 as stated in the Comment Message.

Drug Seller Blog Admins who both want a lot of visitors or buyers. Let’s build a healthy and civilized blogging. Bwahahaha….. lame!!! In short, don’t hold back woiiiii!!!!! Free!!! (*