The story that I will write below is funny, there is no medicine. So if you have a good sense of humor, you’d better think about reading it first, because it can result in endless laughter. Hey!

Yowis better just read it. It’s funny or not funny, that’s later, the important thing is that you’ve tried.


Crazy Moment

Formerly. Long ago! Long before Aceng, scared Fany, via SMS. I once, was cut off by a boyfriend, also via SMS. Short Messaging Service! Sick! Angry! Nauseous! Stings! Bloated! Like someone with an ulcer.

I ballet. I typed nasty words. Two sheets. I send. Fail. Send again. Failed again. I insist! Send again. It failed again! Why? I checked *888#. Arrrghh you bastard Dracula! Credit turns out to be only Rp. 0!!!

No Credit

I ran to the counter. Reload phone credit. Type SMS. Violent words again. This time 3 sheets. Let me be satisfied! I pressed the send button. Suddenly peeeet… HP is dead. Battery lobe!

I ran home! Looking for cash. The cases are gone. Forced. Run back to the counter. Buy cash. Home again. Arrived at home. Move to the plug. Get ready to charge.

Suddenly peeet again. This time the power went out! Russian camp! I’m emotional. I slammed the phone against the wall. Mental phone! The walls are collapsing! I was kicked out by my family!

On a lonely street, I’m alone, lonely, lonely, miserable! My life is ruined, it doesn’t matter anymore. Don’t wanna die. Suicide. Fall off the bridge. The bridge is too high. I don’t dare. Try a pulse razor. But I don’t have a razor. Buy a baigon, the baigon has expired. I’m afraid of poisoning.

I met an officer on the road accidentally. I approached, wanting to borrow the gun, to shoot myself. I asked. Do you bring a gun? He shut up. Ignorant! I immediately groped his body, looking for a gun, but nothing! Well, I’ll just leave it alone, the sleeping cop!

Then I stood still, in the middle of the road. While hoping that apriani would pass, with his deathly xenia. Hit me! Braak! Then done, all the trouble. But damn! It was the AKAP bus that passed, speeding! It’s okay, rattan doesn’t have any roots, so no xenia, buses are also allowed. I surrender. Expect to be hit brutally. The bus is getting closer, 5 meters away, but stupid, the bus turns right, choosing to hit an acacia tree instead of me! Not fair! I’m pissed!

I bumped into the driver: “Isn’t it okay to just hit someone? Don’t you have eyes?!

I go. Go to the governor’s office. Look for the flagpole. Take the rope. I want to kill myself, another way. Classic but spectacular: hang yourself on a leash! At the water guava tree, in front of my boyfriend’s house, the girlfriend who dumped me! Let my ghost wander there!

Me, I’ll be right there. Bring a rope. I looked at the guava tree. This heart is sad. This is the end of my life. In this tree, a handsome man, died because of a case of romance!

I’m ready to climb. I want to tie a rope. But suddenly the tree fell! Collapse!

Less sour! Why does it always fail?! Why?! I’m angry! Very! I broke the rope. I dumped it in the sewer. I left immediately. Just a few steps, suddenly, the tree stood up again! Ha!


How? Not very funny is it?