Crazy Bamboo Traditional Game (

The people of Maluku know an art or a unique traditional game that is closely related to the mystical nuance called Crazy Bamboo. The crazy bamboo game, which has the original name Baramasewel, is said to have existed before the spread of Islam and Christianity in Maluku. How to play the crazy bamboo is very simple, the players just hug and hold the bamboo that moves soaring according to the will of the handler.

Before the crazy bamboo game begins, the handler is in charge of burning the incense he brought using a container made of coconut shells. The smoke from burning incense is then “put” into the bamboo blade. This process becomes important in the traditional game of Crazy Bamboo, because this process is an attempt to invite something supernatural to enter and move the bamboo.

When the handler has succeeded in inserting something supernatural into the bamboo blade, the bamboo will automatically move. The players must hug and hold the bamboo under the power of the handler. Throughout the game, the handler continues to control the bamboo by chanting the incantations, “hey baramasuwel!” The bamboo will not stop moving until the handler orders it to stop.

In Maluku society which is still traditional, the mystical aura in the crazy bamboo game will feel very thick. The reason is, the people who can play crazy bamboo are not random people, but those who have been chosen. Players are required to be shirtless wearing all red attributes, including pants and headbands. The game takes place with musical accompaniment, the faster the accompanying music, the wilder and faster the movement of the bamboo. Generally, this traditional game is played by seven people, or more depending on the length of the bamboo used.

The bamboo chosen in this game is also not arbitrary. Bamboo is taken from the forest through a special ritual. The bamboo chosen is usually 8-10 cm in diameter, and up to 3 meters or more in length. The selected bamboo is then tied with cloth at both ends, and treated like a human. Crazy bamboo game is one of the rich traditions of the archipelago, one of the folk games originating from the noble Maluku culture.

Source: Indonesiarich