2014 Christmas Souvenirs – The moment of Christmas is the most awaited time by the British public. No wonder Premier League clubs have issued a number of Christmas souvenirs for their supporters to buy.

Cool 2014 Christmas Souvenirs
Cool 2014 Christmas Souvenirs

However, not all of these items are normal. Many are funny, strange, ridiculous, even confusing (why did they get produced). Take Arsenal’s knitted sweater, for example.

This red sweater smells like Christmas, complete with a snowman and Arsenal writing on the belly. Can be a special uniform for supporters when watching the boxing day match against QPR later.

Similar products are also issued by Swansea City. The only representative of Wales in the Premier League also issued a sweater complete with a picture of a snowman. However, this one is with The Swans logo.

Another item that accentuates the club’s identity is the warm hat issued by Crystal Palace. The London club’s mascot is an eagle named Pete. In addition to the usual items as Christmas gifts, there are also quirky items for sale.

Just an example issued by Chelsea. The Blues issued a Christmas gift in the form of a Diego Costa face mask. The presence of a sharp striker from Spain is indeed the most beautiful Christmas gift for Chelsea supporters so far.

Or just look at what Manchester City has issued, which is a rubik that can be assembled into the club logo of the defending Premier League champion. Meanwhile, Manchester United ridiculously sells ropes for pets complete with the club’s name.

Leicester City has stylishly released a sophisticated gadget for this Christmas, namely a wireless headphone. While Liverpool issued three small places to put tea, sugar and coffee.

The most ridiculous may be issued by Tottenham Hotspur, West Bromwich Albion, and Stoke City. They manufacture salt and pepper stands, pool sticks, and a meter (yes, a meter).

In addition, there are other clubs that issue golf sets, dolls, DVDs of the best goals, board games (board games), umbrellas, bags, and even CDs of the club’s choice. It’s not a matter of goods, the important thing is the Christmas spirit, right?