Happy Friday Fitinline Friends, today we will discuss about coconut shell batik. Maybe some people think coconut shells or more often called shells are garbage or waste that doesn’t have any benefits. Shells are only goods of low economic value with very minimal utilization rates, only as traditional fuels or raw materials for making charcoal. Coconut shell actually has a very artistic style with its own peculiarities, and this characteristic is not owned by other objects or items. In the hands of creative craftsmen, the shell can be used as a craft of high artistic value and selling power.

Coconut Shell Bag

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Coconut shell has more value than other materials, the texture of the wood is unique, strong, and has a variety of basic colors obtained from the age of the coconut fruit. Coconut shell crafts combined with batik techniques will add artistic value and uniqueness to the product.

Coconut Shell Batik Bag

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Coconut shells can be divided into two types of crafts, namely crafts that use media and non-media crafts. Crafts that use media are crafts that use coconut shells to decorate semi-finished art items, for example coconut shells used to laminate tables, chairs, mirrors, bags, and other decorative ornaments. Meanwhile, non-media crafts are the use of handicrafts made entirely from coconut shells, such as key chains, bags, statues, and panels.

Coconut Shell Batik Bag

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The process of making non-media crafts begins with breaking coconut shells into small pieces. Then the coconut shell is made into batik. The process of batik is the same as batik on wood or on cloth. Next, the batik shells are pasted with glue and then shaped according to the craft to be made. Finally, cover the craft with resin to make it look neat and even. We recommend that you use a special furnish technique on each coconut shell so that coconut shell batik products can be shiny, durable and odorless. For media crafts, coconut shell fragments that have been batik are then layered onto the finished media. This form of craft can also be made with whole coconut shells, for example, made of bags.

Coconut Shell Batik Bag

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There are several centers for producing batik shells in Indonesia, including in Solo, Pekalongan, Blitar, Yogyakarta, and so on. Friends of GPS Wisata Indonesia, can make coconut shell batik as an addition to your batik collection. Hope it is useful.

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