Characteristics of pious women – A woman is someone who has a big role in this life. Apart from being a child of her parents, one day she will become a wife of her husband, and will become a mother because from her womb will be born a new generation that must be educated. Shalihah women have such a big influence in the life of every Muslim. This is because in essence women are a figure who can determine the progress and weakness of the generations.

Shalihah women are required to equip themselves with the values ​​of Islamic teachings that cover all aspects of life. Because women are the first school in building community life. As the Prophet said:

“The world is jewelry. And the best jewelry is a pious woman” (HR. Muslim). Shalihah women generally grew up in a good environment and grew up in a noble house. Children born from the womb of a pious woman in her body will flow the character of glory so that later she will grow into a person with noble character.

The definition of a pious woman

Al-Qur’an letter Al-Azhab has explained, that: shalihah woman understanding is a woman who is true to her aqidah, simple, patient, loyal, able to maintain her honor when her husband is not at home, maintains the integrity of her household in difficult and happy times, and invites to always be in the praise of Allah SWT. To get the title as a pious woman, there are two paths that must be taken, namely Hablum Minallah and Hablum minannaas. Hablum Minallah is always related to Allah SWT in all actions and deeds and Hablum Minannaas is related to fellow human beings. It means that to be a pious woman always do good to fellow human beings.

Hablum minallah, which is always in touch with Allah SWT in all deeds and actions. That is, all his actions and deeds do not violate the rules of Allah SWT. While Hablum minannaas, which is related to fellow human beings. The point is that to be a shalihah woman she always does good with fellow human beings.

A pious woman is a woman who is physically and mentally beautiful, whether she has genuine beauty or ideal beauty. Beautiful born that is seen physically, flesh and blood and bones clean from unclean objects. While inner beauty is that her mind is clean from mental impurities, because pious women always draw themselves closer to Allah SWT.

Characteristics of pious women

Women are the pillars of the State. Where if the woman is damaged, then the country is damaged. And vice versa, if the woman is good, then the country is good. To form a good next generation, it is necessary to have a pious woman figure. Characteristics of pious women including:

  1. Obey Allah SWT. His obedience exceeds anything that must be obeyed
  2. Always submit all his life affairs to the law and the Shari’a of Allah SWT
  3. Always make the Qur’an and Hadith as a source of law in regulating all aspects of life
  4. Worship is good and has noble character and character
  5. Don’t like lying, gossiping and riya’