What are the characteristics of Islam?

Characteristics of Islam

As a complete religion for mankind, Islam has characteristics that are different from other religions. The characteristics of Islam are as follows:

1. Perfecting the previous religion

Before Islam came, in this world there were already many religions with various holy books. In the Middle East there have been Christians and Jews. In India there are Buddhists and Hindus. In Iran there has been a Zoroastrian. In China there has been Confucianism. In Japan there is Sinto. Everywhere there is a religion that people follow.

However, these religions have various limitations. These include the following:

  • Only intended for certain people or communities. Jews and Christians are only intended for the Children of Israel, as Jesus said in Matthew 15:24, “Then Jesus answered, saying: I was not sent to anyone else, only to all the sheep that went astray from among the Children of Israel”. Likewise, Sinto is only spread in Japan. Like Zoroaster for the Iranian nation.
  • Religious laws vary. The difference occurred because it was not the same from the beginning. In addition, there are also changes made by religious figures and leaders to the Holy Book. For example, the Torah (Old Testament) and the Gospel (New Testament), at this time no longer exist as original. The books have changed because of the influence of irresponsible people’s thinking. As a result, these books are no longer guaranteed authenticity as revealed by Allah.
  • Well, at a time like that, Islam came to perfect the existing religions, which had many limitations. Islam came not only to perfect, but also to purify the teachings of the previous Samawi religion which had been polluted by the intervention of human teachings under the guise of religion (mixed with polytheism). This is done so that humans return to the creed of monotheism (Monotheism).

2. Religion of Fitrah
Fitrah meaning the original nature, talent, innate nature of the origin of human events and pure clean from sin.

Islam is a religion of nature. Islamic teachings should be made a way of life (Way of life) by mankind because its teachings are in accordance with human nature. Allah SWT says:

“So turn your face straight to the religion (of Allah); (stay on) the nature of Allah who has created man according to that nature. There is no change in the nature of Allah (that is) the straight religion but most people do not know.” (Surah Ar Ruum: 30).

There are various types of nature in humans. Among them are the nature of religion, the nature of feeling happy about cleanliness and beauty, the nature of having a tendency to improve in a better direction, and the nature of wanting to get acquainted with other people and live in society. Islam was revealed by Allah SWT to channel and guide these natures so that human beings always walk on the straight path (Islam) and live happily in the hereafter. Allah SWT says which means:

“O you who believe, enter Islam as a whole and do not follow the steps of Satan. Indeed, Satan is a real enemy to you.” (Surat al-Baqarah: 208)

3. Progress Driver

Abbas Mahmud al Aqqad (1986: 4) states that the true religion is good and useful for all levels and groups of society throughout the ages and never loses its authenticity. In addition, it does not hinder human adherents to obtain and improve science and technology as well as the civilization of the times. These characteristics are only owned by Islam, nothing else!

Indeed Islam wants and commands every Muslim to be the best of human beings, ‘the best’ in all fields. As his word:

“You are the best people who were born for mankind, enjoining the right and forbidding the evil, and believing in Allah…” (Surah Ali Imran: 110)

From the verse above, it is not clear that Muslims are the best of human beings. But to reach the degree the best of humans must be sought and fought for. How can a lazy and useless person be the best human being…?!

Islam does not forbid humans to be rich, it even recommends being rich. As long as it’s the right way to get wealth. The same applies to the use of wealth. In the use of wealth, Islam encourages humans to use it properly and well for the benefit of themselves and others. Islam does not prohibit humans from becoming officials, as long as the position is obtained in the right way and not for self-interest. But his office was directed to benefit the interests of the people. Islam does not prohibit work, as long as the work can be useful for others. Islam does not prevent humans from being smart, even requires it. Prophet Muhammad SAW said:

“Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave.” (HR Mutafaqun Alaih)

Even Allah challenges humans, by stating in His word, which means:

“O congregation of jinn and humans, if you are able to penetrate (cross) the corners of the heavens and the earth, then cross it, (but) you will not be able to cross it except with ability (science and technology).” (Surah Ar Rahman: 33)

Then, why are Muslims now so left behind by non-Muslims, in worldly matters? Who denies that the first humans to set foot on the moon were from the west and were non-Muslims?

It is not the teachings of Islam that are wrong, but all of us, its adherents who claim to be Muslims are wrong. Where’s the fault? the fault is because Muslims ignore and leave the teachings of Islam. They don’t even feel proud and often feel ashamed to show their Islam. How about you…?

4. Providing Life Guidelines for Humans

Islam is a way of life (Way of life) which is the source of the value system that must be used as a guide by mankind. That is, Islam is a direction, guidance, guidance and encouragement for humans to face and solve various problems of life in the right way, which is in accordance with the nature or nature of humanity as a creature of God.

In Islam, it does not only contain the relationship between humans and their God, but also with others and their surroundings and the world. Therefore, all dimensions of religious, scientific, political, social, cultural, economic, military life are contained in Islamic teachings so that the direction, motivation, and purpose of human life are always in an effort to seek the pleasure of Allah SWT. Because, people who do not believe in God live empty, dry, lonely, and have no clear direction and purpose.

Thus, because Islam brings rules for the benefit of humans in their lives, humans who obey and practice and live Islamic teachings will make their lives orderly and directed so that they will arrive at happiness. His life will be full of goodness because he himself distances himself and prevents others from doing evil and always tries to make himself able to do good and invite others to do good.

Thus, Islam encourages humans to have a competitive nature to compete in goodness and dynamics in their lives (see QS Al Maaidah verse 48), and to look far ahead in order to find goodness and solve problems continuously in an effort to achieve the purpose of life, the pleasure of Allah SWT.

Well,,, how about you??? Up to you…! Allah SWT gives freedom to us on the chosen path. If you want to believe and obey Allah’s teachings, please…. If you want to be kufr and disobedient to Allah’s teachings, monggoooo… You are free to choose, as long as you are ready with the risks and consequences of each…

“Allah is Rich and does not need us, humans. We are the ones who need Allah SWT. Isn’t that so…???