Tired of Facebook’s color display that dark blue? Especially if you have a laptop or personal computer at home and always access Facebook every day, of course there will be times when you get bored with the standard Facebook display from day to day.

Take it easy, by using a script, you can change the color of the Facebook display to your liking? Yups….. whatever your favorite color is green, pink, purple, red, yellow, gray or even orange, you can use it as your Facebook display color. Do not believe? Please see the image below, the display color of Facebook before and after being changed using Facebook Color Changer.

Default Facebook before using Facebook Color Changer

Default Facebook

Facebook after using Facebook Color Changer

Facebook after edit 1
To use the Facebook color change script, you just need to download and install it Facebook Color Changer Script, but first make sure that Greasemonkey is properly installed on your computer, and that you enable this Greasemonkey. You can see information about Greasemonkey at Greasemonkey the following.
After Facebook Color Changer Script installed on your computer, it’s time for you to access Facebook. After that see the Greasemonkey icon in the right corner of your browser, right click and then select Userscript Commands and click Customize Facebook Colors. Windows will appear to determine the color of choice for your Facebook. Choose a color according to your liking.
Greasemongkey costume

Now, you will be more enthusiastic in accessing Facebook and don’t feel bored or bored with the standard Facebook display colors that are always the same from day to day, because now you can change the Facebook display color according to your wishes and mood!

good luck