Ulin Central Java application is the third product from PT. Ulin-Ulin Indonesia, previously Ulin Jogjakarta and Ulin Bali (read: Ulin-Ulin, Indonesia Travel Guide Application).

More than 10,000 points of interest and locations have been collected for you in the Ulin-Ulin database. Our database includes all of the most popular locations along the way to amazing secret places still unexplored and off the tourist trail. Visit them now, or save them and visit them later. Find more adventure and romance on your trip to Central Java. Take Ulin Central Java today!

Existing features

The application consists of seven main categories that tourists need. Food and Drink, Hotel and Villa, Sightseeing, Activities, Shopping, Public Service, and Culture. The information presented is displayed in two languages, Indonesian and English, and includes photos and a navigation map to the location.

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