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Cempluk Village is located in Sumberjo RW. 02 Kalisongo Village, Dau District, Malang Regency, East Java, a hamlet that is very close to the Malang City area, because it is the easternmost hamlet of Kalisongo Village.

Although it is not far from the city center and only five minutes from Plasa Dieng, this village only had electricity in 1992. Previously, residents used cempluk (oil lamps with wicks) as lighting devices, while in other villages they already used petromax. This is where the village was originally known as Cempluk Village.

Education and Work

Kampung Cempluk is an underdeveloped area, so the residents of Kampung Cempluk view that education is not important so that the average citizen in this village has an elementary school education, and often only reads and writes (does not graduate from elementary school). The average occupation of Cempluk villagers is that the men are construction workers while the women are factory workers. However, there is no doubt that the spirit of togetherness in this village is known as the Principle of Mutual Cooperation and has a very high level of art. So it is not surprising that in this village, various folk arts are growing rapidly, including Barong Singo Yudho, Pancak Silat, Percussion music, Jaran Kepang or Kuda Lumping, even the establishment of an almost extinct art called Ande-Ande Lumut Seni Art.

Festival Formed

Kampung Cempluk Festival (http://www.galacara.com)

Given the strong artistic spirit of the residents of Kalisongo Village and the many art activities as the forerunner of regional culture, space is needed for appreciation from every existing art community.

The sense of togetherness and mutual cooperation inherent in the lives of the residents of Kalisongo Village gave birth to a place of mutual appreciation that could accommodate the desires of the cultural arts actors there.

Cempluk Festival Village

With minimal funds from the residents’ self-help, an art and cultural event was born which is currently known as the Kampung Cempluk Festival.

The initiator of the Kampung Cempluk Community was managed by several people including: Mr. Priyo Sidhi, Redy Eko Prastyo, Mr. Sulaiman, Mr. Sukadi, and assisted by brother Denny Mizar from the Pelangi Sastra Community of Malang.

Cempluk Festival Village

Art Member

• Ande-Ande Lumut Art “Ngudi Lestari Budhoyo“
• The art of “Panca Manunggal” Pencak Silat
• Kuda Lumping “Turonggo Joyo Mulyo“
• Contemporary Percussion Art “Garuda Putih”
• Budhiya Cempluk House “Sanggar Klampis Ireng”

Type of activity

1. Annual Regular Activities: In the form of the Kampung Cempluk Festival which is held every year.
2. Kampung Cempluk Market which is held every Sunday
3. The training and activities of the Buddhaya Studio were carried out at the Cempluk Buddhaya House.
4. Cooperation in the fields of art and Buddhism with other studios has been carried out once a month.
5. Exchange information with other regions (Comparative Study)

More information contact

Cempluk Cultural Village
Jl. Upper Dieng, RT. 04/RW. 02, Sumberjo Hamlet, Kalisongo Village, Dau District, Malang Regency, East Java
Websites: http://www.kampungcempluk.com
Twitter : @kampungcempluk