The terms of clothing, food, and board that we often hear since elementary school are indeed a necessity that will never be separated. Seeing the need for clothing that is increasingly growing, there are designers with their own characteristics. Various patterns, motifs, materials can be mixed and matched nicely according to the activity.

Now, batik is not only known for official and sacred activities or events. The use of batik is increasingly diverse, adapted to events or activities that are developing. Batik which is a symbol of the nation’s culture can be used as the latest fashion trend that is never timeless. On various occasions, batik is often used as clothing or uniforms.

Along with the development of time, the use of batik is increasingly widespread among the community, not limited to certain circles. Friendly prices, as well as a variety of patterns and colors are able to captivate every homeland fashion lover.

The combination of batik and jeans, is one of the best ways for those of you who want to look casual. Looking casual with a blend of batik and jeans is not only dominated by men but now women prefer to use them.

Batik, which is a traditional clothing, has now been transformed into various forms of clothing that are fairly modern. The combination of batik and jeans seems to provide a transformation in this fashion itself, which combines two different cultures.

At the beginning of its development, the combination of batik and jeans penetrated more among young people. However, seeing this fashion is more developed, not infrequently many, office workers or young mothers are interested in the mix.

For some men, using a combination of batik and jeans is normal, it is enough to use a batik shirt that matches the right motif and pattern, men already appear more casual. So what about women who want to appear with a blend of batik and jeans? Here are some things to watch out for:

1. Top Model Cut

So that the combination of batik and jeans looks more chic and trendy, if you wear a short-sleeved top with a simple cut. You can match a jeans skirt or jeans with a matching color from your batik clothes.

The way that may be very simple is to use a batik blouse top combined with jeans or maybe a jeans skirt.

2. Color Selection

In this case, combining the colors of tops and bottoms is very necessary, so as not to seem too flashy and tacky. We recommend that the use of colors that are not too bright, so that they can be combined with the colors of jeans.

If you have a dark skin tone, you should avoid batik with dark colors. You can choose batik with bright colors or full of colors like Madura batik. Your appearance will look fresh when wearing red, purple, and green batik on a white background.

3. Motive

So that the combination of batik and jeans looks right and suits you, the selection of motifs must be adjusted. If your body is large, avoid large floral motifs because they will make your body bigger. It would be better if you choose batik with a small floral pattern so that the appearance looks more beautiful and slim.

4. accessories

The use of accessories should not be too excessive, because this is to avoid an imbalance in the blend of batik and jeans. Simply using bracelets made of wood already gives a beautiful impression.

Of the many things about the combination of batik and jeans, there is one thing that must not be missed, namely how to take care of batik and store batikFa. This is intended to avoid color fading in batik.

Source: Business Magazine