Similar Seconds Blog Template
Similar blog templates Detik news or is a template modification Johnny Got Banned, an SEO blog template by Mastemplate that was “intended” to look like the site.
Say the name of this template Seconds News Style Blogger Template. You can modify your own place where Johny Kenna Banned is very similar to detikcom, can also be similar to the site Okayzone which is also similar to detikcom.
To modify it, you actually “just” adjust the color to a typical detikcom blue (#003567) or okezone (#164F85). use HTML Color Code to match other colors.

Blog Template Similar to Detik News modified version EXAMPLEBLOG this is intentionally not very similar let alone the same, afraid of being “sued” by ah….!

Some of the displays, elements, or codes that have been modified by CB from Johny Kena Banned so that they are made similar to this detikcom site include:
1. Color — was red, so blue seconds.
2. Header –plus the “top” header looks like seconds.
3. Navigation Menu –changes the “headline” to a secondary navigation menu.
4. Related Posts –become without image plus social media
5. Comment Column –from reply comment pop up window be without pop-ups.
6. Widget –simplified to speed up loading.
7. Type and Size of Letters (Font)

8. Heading Tags H1 and H2 to be SEO Friendly
9. …and more…

More please see DEMO and compare with
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