The cultural treasures of the Betawi people (a native of Jakarta) are not inferior to other ethnic cultures. Starting from traditional dances, traditional clothes, special foods, arts to jewelry with original Betawi motifs.

Friends of GPS Wisata Indonesia, rearranged a variety of traditional or typical Betawi jewelry, including:

A. Betawi Men’s Traditional Jewelry

Tiger nail chain and Rante clock

The tiger’s nail chain is pinned in the buttonhole in the second hole of the jacket (

This Betawi men’s accessory is usually worn when wearing the oversized clothes of Abang Jakarta or Demang, pinned on the buttonhole in the number two hole of the Jas. The meaning of Rante Kuku tiger itself is a symbol of the valor of an Abang (Betawi man), while in Jas Demang or Ujung Serong wearing Rante Duit Gobang or Benggol or Jam Rante as a symbol of prosperity, because it is said that this signifies social status in Betawi society, namely as Landlords, who famous for being rich.

Rante tiger nails (

Rante Money Gobang or Benggol (


Stone rings, and diamond eye rings.

Belt jewelry

Plain head pending and diamond or diamond head pending.

B. Betawi Women’s Traditional Jewelry


Electric bracelet

Listing bracelet (

One of the typical Betawi jewelry types, which are usually a pair with attractive decorations. This jewelry is usually used as a complement to clothing for official activities or traditional activities. However, it is usually worn by the bride and is part of Rias Bakal’s outfit.

One-headed snake bracelet, two-headed snake bracelet, keroncong bracelet, mine bracelet


One eye studs, bird’s eye studs, ronyok studs, passion fruit studs, set earrings, and kerabu.

chest jewelry

Spread necklace (

Scatter necklaces, kote-kote necklaces, pumpkin pendant necklaces, pendant necklaces, diamond pendant necklaces, water rope pendant necklaces, chili seed necklaces, cucumber seeds chain necklaces, and mining chains.

Safety pins

Three stacked safety pins (

Cangkrang safety pins, double stacked chain pins, and three stacked chain pins.

ring jewelry

Rattan split ring, listring ring, diamond model ring, elizabeth model ring, and kane seed ring.

C. Betawi bridal jewelry

Betawi bride’s big make-up (

Various Betawi bride decorations (

Veiled siako, crown syangko, galuh comb (small syangko), grass flower skewer, flower skewer, coconut flower skewer, rocking flower, lam stick, nail or hong bird skewer, edit, kerabu (earrings), bride’s necklace, bracelet listing, and elizaberth or diamond ring.

Various Betawi bride decorations (