Best Blog SEO: Original Posts Not Copy!

Google Panda’s Slow-Slow Copy Paste Blog Will Kick!

SINCE Update Google Panda 4.0 in May 2014, CB followed the reviews about the latest Google algorithm changes, so the conclusion is Best Blog SEO is to make your own writing posts (original), original content, not the results of Copy Paste (Copas).

Blogs that contain copy paste writings, even though they mention the source, sooner or later will still be “kicked” by the mighty Panda!

Blogs containing Copas posts, no matter how good, will be eliminated because Google, in its own way, will recognize which posts are genuine and which are “fake” (copas), with the presence of Google Authorships on the source blog.

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Therefore, as bloggers, we are required to hone writing skills (writing skills) in order to be able to write their own, original, original, or create quality content for our blog.

The characteristics of quality content that will be indexed properly by Google and displayed in the first rank of search results pages (SERPs) include original writing (originality), beneficial (usability), and easy to index or Google find (findability).

Original writing is also closely related to “Authorship” or “Site Authority”. Hence, we have to install Google Authorship and fix Blog Data Structure.

A full review of the Google Panda 4.0 Update in relation to the original post, not copy-paste and “authority”, can be seen, among other things, at the reference link below:

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  2. Word Stream
  3. Search Metrics

These sources, among others, are the basis that the current and future Best SEO Blogs are Quality Original Posts, Not Copas Posts, plus Organc Links, Quality Backlinks, and Share on Social Media. Good Luck!