Batang Koban Seven Level Waterfall is located in Lubuk Ambacang Village, Hulu Kuantan District, Kuantan Singingi Regency, Riau Province.

This waterfall is named the Batang Koban Seven-Stage Waterfall because the water falls through a seven-story cliff and flows into the Kuantan River. The height of this waterfall varies for each level, for the first and fourth level waterfalls reach a height of between 5-15 meters. Even at the sixth level it reaches a height of about 30 m more.

This waterfall is generally crowded with visitors during the Balimau bathing event which is held one day before the month of Ramadan.

Reach Location

Batang Koban Seven Level Waterfall (

It is about 37 Km from the capital of Teluk Kuantan. To get to the location of this waterfall can be reached by public or private transportation from Kuantan Bay to Hulu sub-district. After the city of Lubuk Jambi, the capital of Kuantan Mudik Sub-district (22 Km from Kuantan Bay) there will be a crossroads, if you turn left you will go to Kiliran Jao, where the Guruh Gemurai waterfall is located. Meanwhile, if you take the direction to the right as far as 11 km, you will get to Lubuk Ambacang City, the capital of Hulu Kuantan District. Travel time from Lubuk Jambi to Lubuk Ambacang Village is about 20 minutes driving with paved road conditions.

You can also enter from Jake Village, the police post intersection to Serosah Village, Mudiak Ulo to Koto Kombu Village via dirt roads with a vehicle travel time of about 40 minutes. Towards Lubuk Ambacang Village, from Koto Kombu we pass a concrete bridge that spans the Batang Kuantan River.

Travel with Pompoms (

The journey continues by using a boat or motorized canoe (pompom) for 4 km through the river to the upstream with a travel time of about 15 minutes. This boat can be found under the bridge or even at Lubuk Ambacang Market for a rental price of IDR 150 thousand

. After passing through a hill with a slope of 45 degrees to 70 degrees and Tempurung Island (the shape is curved like a shell) finally arrived at the location of the Batang Koban Seven Level Waterfall.

Batang Koban Waterfall is the second level with a height of about 3 meters. Photo: Abdul Ronny/

From the pier (after the boat is moored), the first level waterfall can be seen and heard with the roar of the water flowing from the mouth of the river. If you want to go to the next level (up to the fourth level) you have to go down steep cliffs through concrete stairs between trees that are still beautiful.

The fourth level of Batang Koban Waterfall, in Lubuk Ambacang Village, Lubuk Jambi, Kuantan Singingi Regency. Photo: Abdul Ronny/

Meanwhile, to get to the seventh level from the fourth level, one has to go through more difficult terrain even by hanging between tree roots, this is quite energy-consuming. The distance between these waterfalls ranges from 50-100 meters. On the sixth level, you will find a waterfall with a height of more than 30 m. What’s really amazing, in this waterfall pool is that two layers of rainbows are drawn, the result of the refraction of sunlight from the splash of the waterfall which produces strong wind gusts. And if you get to the last level (seventh) from above, if you look down, in this seventh waterfall pool you will see a rainbow that stretches in a circular shape.

Batang Koban Waterfall is the sixth level, with a height of about 30 meters. Photo: Abdul Ronny/


1. It would be nice if you go with a group to go to this waterfall, in order to reduce transportation costs.

2. Use special clothes, shoes or sandals for outdoor. Because in some parts of the road there are puddles and slippery roads.

3. Bring travel supplies such as food and drinks before going to this place. Because if you have arrived at the location there are no food and drink sellers.

*) The price could changes every time

Batang Koban Kuantan Singingi Seven-Story Waterfall