SEO Blog Name and Description

FROM just the title —“Basic SEO Tips for Beginner Bloggers: Changing Blog Name and Description”very clear, this post intended for beginner blogger alias newbie. So, “non-beginner” bloggers, moreover “senior bloggers” and “SEO expert bloggers” should not read this post ๐Ÿ™‚

There are at least two basic elements of SEO that novice bloggers must know and “practice”:

  1. Blog Name (Blog Title/Site Title)
  2. Tagline Text (Tagline Text/Blog Description)

The blog title (Blog Title) can be made the same as the blog address (Blog Address). For example, the title of the blog you are currently visiting is Example Blogs. Blog address:

The title and address of the blog should be relevant to the blog address. However, it can be very different, aligned with the description and content (content) of the blog.

For example, the blog address, but the Blog Name/Title may be, for example, “Learn to Write” or “My Voice for the World“.

Best of all, according to blog SEO experts, blog addresses and names align, such as the Name and Address of the Blog you’re currently visiting: (Blog Address) and Example Blog (Blog Name). Why use extra? here? Because if only exampleblog “not available” aka already in-booking other bloggers.

After the Blog Name and Blog Address are completed, the next thing to take care of is the Description (Description) or Tagline (for blogs

How to Change Blog Title and Description

For blogspot blogs (, you can change blog title and description in the following way:
  1. Click the Settings menu
  2. Click or View the Basic menu
  3. In the Title section: Write the Title or Name of your Blog, for example: Examples of SEO Blogs
  4. Description: maximum 500 characters. For example: Blog Guide for Beginners – Blogger SEO Tips, Blog Design, Free SEO Friendly Blog Templates

The title and description of the blog will appear on Blog Headers, unless you use a logo and hide it (hide title and description).

The next step is

  1. Settings > Search Preference > Meta Tags > Description
  2. Fill in the blog description, a maximum of 150 characters, for example –as an example from blogger: A Blog about social networking and web design

It will not appear in the header, but will be read or indexed by search engines. We can fill it the same as the first blog description, it can also be a little different (more concise).

How to Change Blog Title and Description

Newbie bloggers at usually ignore “Default Site Title” and “Tagline Text”. The default tagline is โ€œJust another WordPress blog.โ€ This MUST be turned into your blog description, just like how to write the blog description above (blogspot).

1. Settings -> General

2. Edit “Site Title”

3. Edit “Taglines”

The Blog Name/Title and Tagline will appear in the Blog Header, unless you use an image logo (logo images).

Hopefully this Basic SEO Tips for Beginner Bloggers: Changing Blog Name and Description is useful for bloggers newbie.