View of rice fields at Badega Gunung Parang Tourism and Adventure Village, Cihuni Village, Sukamulya Village, Tegalwaru District, Purwakarta Regency, West Java

Bageda (Guards) of Mount Parang is a Mountain Parang Rock Climbing Tourism and Adventure Village, located in Cihuni Village, Sukamulya Village, Tegalwaru District, Purwakarta Regency, West Java.

There are several passions or mottos that exist in Indonesia in general, Javanese people in particular recognize two spirits, namely Bondo Nekat (Reckless Capital) and Khudu (must), Khudu Jadi, Khudu Bisa, Khudu succeeds, etc.

Rice fields spread out (

This is what happened to the people of Kampung Cihuni using their Khudu spirit, where in their environment there is Mount Parang which is already famous for Rock Climbing Lovers both from abroad and domestically, so that people want to establish their lives by making infrastructure for their guests.

A way out of God that is so beautiful for the residents of Cihuni and Gunung Parang villages for a better life. Inadvertently, residents sent an invitation to the Regent of Purwakarta, Mr. H. Dedi Mulyadi, SH, on December 11, 2013 to inaugurate the Cihuni tourist village, but in the end the Regent ordained it as the name Badega Mount Parang on December 17, 2013.

Mount Parang Badega Rice Fields (

Even though it is only a young age, Badega Gunung Parang has shown its identity as a Nature Tourism Village, based on its mutual cooperation spirit. Come on, Travel GPS Friends, especially Tourism Villages and Indonesian Tourism Lovers, to love the various types of Natural Beauty and Indonesian Culture.

The Potential of Natural Beauty and Rock Climbing

Mount Parang (

There are terraced or paved rice fields like in Ubud, Bali; Village life which is still thick with traditional nuances, as well as the beauty of Mount Parang which can be enjoyed from several sides, is a potential for photography lovers.

For those of you nature lovers, Rock Climbing is the second highest mountain in Asia (read: Mount Parang, Second Highest Rock Climbing in Asia).

Tour packages

In the Mountain Climbing Tourism and Adventure Village of Mount Parang, Badega Gunung Parang, there are several tour packages available at Badega Gunung Parang, including:

Village Tour Packages

You can also take part in the “Clear Village” Program accompanied by Cihuni Villagers and learn about life and wisdom here.

Parang Jungle Exploration Package

Rain forest at the foot of Mount Parang

An andesite rock that stands tall as high as 900 m, which is surrounded by rainforest at its feet and is the last stronghold for the herds of Javanese langurs and Javanese eagles that reside here.

Javan Lutung (

Badega staff will accompany you to explore the forest area at the foot of Mount Parang and learn about some of the medicinal plants commonly used by our residents or perhaps poisonous plants that can be used for hunting.

Javanese Eagle

Rock Climbing Learning Package

Want to feel the sensation of rock climbing on Mount Parang, but still can’t or have no experience climbing at all. There are two kinds of Rock Climbing Course packages:

Short Course “Fun Climbing”

Wow, little kids dare to learn Rock Climbing

Badega Gunung Parang will give you a short lesson on rock climbing and will accompany you to climb the cliff on the already provided path, or maybe create a new path.

Join the “Fun Climbing” Program made for beginners and feel the sensation of rock climbing on Mount Parang.

BigWall Climbing School

This is the place for you to learn more, starting from the ZERO stage to preparing for the Expedition. We package it in one place, one class, and one program, namely Bigwall Climbing School.

Art Study Package Craft

Here you can learn to make woven bamboo crafts and other bamboo products or make Kirai roofs.

Without realizing it, you have learned incomparable simplicity, wisdom and patience to make the above crafts.


Do you want to make “Tape Sticky Rice Typical of Cihuni Village” which has a different image and taste compared to other sticky rice tapes in Purwakarta? Well, learn from the experts here…

Inap Desa (Homestay)

The Badega Gunung Parang Tourism and Adventure Village provides 5 (five) Bale Ngaso (Rest Houses) with a capacity of 5-6 adults.

All the buildings built here use natural raw materials with bamboo construction and Kirai leaf roofs, as well as the Sundanese architectural style. Standing on a solid foundation of andesite rock in the shape of a rectangle (called Tatapakan), so that it gives a natural and ancient impression.

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