Many say that the status of single alias singles is cool? In fact, being single will make it easier for you to do many things according to what you want. A wide opportunity for singles is the freedom to go anywhere without having to prohibit this or that. Yupe, traveling can also be an interesting choice for singles.

You can go alone or together or in groups. Especially for those of you who want to go alone, it’s a good idea to first read the tips here to be happier (Tips for Traveling Alone). Want to go with whoever you are, the important thing is the preparation. After all, later on you will meet people at tourist sites who certainly have the same goals as you, and who knows we can know that person, who knows if we meet our soul mate?

But what needs to be prepared according to the October 2014 issue of Travelounge magazine for singles are the following things:

1. Destination Or Destination

It’s better to make a plan for which place we will choose as a tourist destination that we will visit, even better if it adjusts to our interests, if you like going to the beach then look for beach tourist destinations that are easy for you to visit, or you can also choose mountains and even tourist destinations to You can also choose abroad as long as you have the opportunity and the funds.

2. Accommodation

Accommodation needs must be taken into account beforehand. The hotel is indeed very nice and interesting, but as much as possible to avoid this, choose lodging for backpackers, besides this can save your financial condition, you can also get other benefits, because usually one room for backpackers is filled by several people from outside and within the country, this means that there is a good opportunity to get to know each other with new people, love can blossom here if it is indeed a mate.

3. Activities

As much as possible to find activities that involve a lot of other people you do not know. It’s also not wrong if you choose to take a tour, where those you didn’t know each other before will become your friends. Is it better, isn’t it ?

4. Clothes

Remember, don’t ever wear flashy jewelry that attracts the attention of people around you when traveling, it might even be the robbers who notice. Just wear clothes that make you feel confident but not too much, adjust to the tourist destination, don’t go up the mountain but wear a bikini, don’t wear a 5-layer jacket when your destination is to the beach.

5. Be Open

This attitude will make us enjoy a very pleasant trip, as a traveler it is better to think positively about other people, this will make it easier for us in the process of getting to know, if you keep closing yourself off, how can you possibly find many friends?

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